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25 Feb 2010

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  • Karate Advice to Advance your MMA

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    karate in mma

    Try to see yourself as you truly are and try to adopt what is meritorious in the work of others. As a [martial artist] you will of course often watch others practice. When you do and you see strong points in the performance of others, try to incorporate them into your own technique. At the same time, if the trainee you are watching seems to be doing less than his best, ask yourself whether you too may not be failing [in that same area]. Each of us has good qualities and bad; the wise man seeks to emulate the good he precieves in others and avoid the bad.

    - Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan Karate,

    There is a lot of wisdom in this quote. One part in particular has been enlightening  for me – when you see a fighter make a mistake it is easy to criticize instead of checking yourself to see if you too have the same malady.  I’ve been told that the faults we possess are easy to see when they are exhibited in others, but elusive in ourselves.

    Know yourself. See what is being proven effective. Evolve.

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    23 Feb 2010

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Dugway Proving Grounds looking for new Martial Arts Instructor

    Hi all,

    I was asked to help put out the word that Dugway Proving Grounds is looking for a new Martial Arts instructor to work with the Dugway Community.

    I know that in the past this has been a Karate class.  I don’t know for sure if they are open to teaching other styles than Karate, but I would assume so.  If you are interested, and live out that way, please contact me and I will pass you information along.

    19 Feb 2010

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  • SLCMMA is now on Twitter

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    For those who tweet, SLCMMA is there.  Hiding like a ninja.

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    19 Feb 2010

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  • Survey: What would you like to read about?

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    (Image courtesy of icantcu )

    I’ve published over 150 posts here at SLCMMA, and I appreciate you reading some of them.  You’ve brought traffic to my blog, maybe even clicked on my adsense ads to help me out – now I want to do something for you.

    Tell me what you’d like to see – more pictures, videos, interviews … request away. As my blog grows, I want to give you what you want. So tell me what that is!

    For example, in my personal life, I’ve had a number of requests to write something about flexibility, so I’m putting together a free Ebook that will be available later this year.  It’s a pretty big project for me, but since I know it will be appreciated I’m going to do it.

    Of course, I may know nothing about what you want to know. In that case, what a cool opportunity for me to learn it, right?

    In the comments, request something you’d like me to write about, and I’ll do my best to cover it in the future.

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    11 Feb 2010

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  • krav maga gun seminar

    The Krav Maga Gun Seminar was a huge hit. we had over 100 people attend. The seminar was 8 hours long. everyone did well.

    Salt Lake City Feb 2010 Evans MA version

    10 Feb 2010

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  • Judo in MMA Thought of the day: The Cage

    Judo ThrowAs many of you probably already know, I train in, and really enjoy Judo.  I am also a true lover of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA.)

    When it comes to MMA, it really is all about “what works.”  To hell wit the right way, or what a style is based on.  You gotta do what it takes to walk out of that cage the winner.  This is why we have seen so many styles start to really “blend” into a style that is MMA, all its own.

    Today, I would say that a good MMA fighter is either a good boxer and/or a good Muay Thai fighter (some might point to Lyoto Machida and throw Karate in here, but I think that one example does not make a pattern.)  Additionally, they have to be good at Jiu Jitsu or eventually they will be tapping.

    Now, we have seen a lot of MMA fighters then add wrestling to the mix.  I think that’s a good idea.  Wrestling is explosive and powerful.  It’s a great way to get someone to the ground.

    But Judo has had a bit more of a challenge in the sport.  Don’t get me wrong, there are great examples of strong Judo players in the game, including Karo, and even Fedor.  But take a look at Karo’s last several fights.  You really don’t see any Judo throws in there… just a lot of double-leg shots, just like everybody else.

    I had to do some soul searching on this one… Is Judo really just not up to it?  That led me to a couple of thoughts:

    1- The Cage.

    I think that the cage itself is a real inhibitor to the ability for Judo to function well.  If someone can just lean back against the cage, and spread their legs, then many of the throws that make Judo so strong are artificially crippled by the stability that the cage gives a person.  “So what?” you might say.  Well, this may be less relevant if you only intend to fight in a cage, but it does make me feel a bit better as far as Judo’s ability to be useful outside the cage in a self defense situation.

    2- One trick Pony.

    Even if the double leg is more effective in a cage 9 times out of 10, if it’s all you’ve got you better either be Olympic caliber, and have cardio that never stops, or you are going to get shut down.  I can’t believe how many MMA fights I watch where a guy shoots for a double leg… then again, and again, and again.  Not only is it ineffective, but you’re setting yourself up for a D’Arce, Gator roll into an Anaconda, a Guillotine, or any number of other nasty submissions.

    Work your wrestling.  Nail that double leg… get awesome at it.  But dangit, get some other arrows in your quiver.  There are few this as satisfying as sprawling when someone shoots, then grabbing the guy and suplexing him.  Ashi waza, or foot technique is when you see two guys locked up, and one of them seemingly just taps the other guy’s foot… but it’s enough.  Down they go.  It’s this ability to take the game where you want it in a variety of ways, to always keep the person guessing, and to play your own game your own way that Judo can help fill in.

    Anyway… my two cents worth for today :)

    9 Feb 2010

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  • UFC 109, and Opinions in General

    Okay, so you’ll forgive me for just spouting for a moment about the UFC in general, and UFC 109 in specific.

    Let’s start wit UFC 109:

    First off, I gotta tell ya, that I really like Randy Couture, and that (unlike some folks) I actually like Joe Rogan’s commentary.  But this weekend I felt like I was being sold a bill of goods.  Coleman and Couture throw down.  I think it probably went about how most of us thought it would: Randy and Coleman, still really tough guys, but no longer in their prime.  Randy pounded on Colemen for a while, leaned him into the fence, and ended up beating him until they had to stop the fight.

    I could have told you it would go that way.

    So what bothered me is this: Joe Rogan is trying to tell us during the fight that he has never seen Couture’s striking so good.  WTF?!  Sure, couture is a star.  But we all get old.  Couture is no where near where he was when he beat Liddell, our Tim Sylvia.  I don’t blame him.  Hell, he’s a rockstar.  But please, don’t assume we’re all so stupid that we don’t see that he is past his prime.

    Couture has two more fights on his contract.  Good for him, I’m sure he’ll do well.  But this bullshit commentary about how amazing the fight was, just to make sure we all tune in to watch really bothered me.

    So now on the the UFC in general:

    Okay, so we have the UFC, and we have the WEC.  The same folks own them bot, and thus far it’s been sorta like the minors and the majors (or whatever similar comparison you want to draw.)  But the last several UFC cards have been pretty weak.  Sure they have amazing talent like Brock, Anderson, Lyoto, Penn, GSP, etc.  But they don’t have many guys to put against them that are good enough.  The result is some shameful cards.

    And this is happening while we are seeing some really impressive talent develop down in the WEC.  So why keep them separate?  Many of these guys are good enough for the UFC.  Case in point: Chael Sonnen from UFC 109.  He beat the hell out of Marquardt.

    Additionally, some of these guys have some real charisma and draw (e.g. Urijah Faber.)

    Basically, I’m tired of paying fifty bucks for weak PPV cards, and having WEC reruns of the fight with Faber’s hands broken run every week.  Let’s give these guys some exposure, and turn out a stronger PPV card.

    Thoughts?  Is it just me?

    8 Feb 2010

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  • The D’Arce choke: Brought to you by Paulo Thiago and UFC 109

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    I know it sounds like Sesame Street when I say it, but I do think Paulo looks a little bit like Oscar the grouch mixed with Bert – its probably his thick eyebrows and huge ears. See evidence about that below.

    Back to the point, Paulo’s head and arm choke put Mike Swick to sleep in seconds. We practiced this choke in class today and Thiago shows us a textbook example. He gets the deep underhook on the top arm, passes his wrist on the far side of the neck, shoves the head down, locks the hand in the elbow crease and finishes Mikes’s trip to dream land with a twist of his forearm into the jugular.  All of this and he doesn’t even have to leave the opponents half guard.  Made me a Paulo fan.

    Since I’m a light hearted mood, I’ve chosen an instructional to match. Here’s a link to MMA prankster Mayhem Miller teaching the Darce choke.


    This post brought to you by the letter P and the number 109.

    oscar vs paulo thiago

    paulo thiago vs bert

    oscar vs paulo thiago 2

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    1 Feb 2010

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  • Quick Reveiw: Armbar From Guard

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    We’ve recently been working on some armbars in class and I wanted to build on that.
    Here are three videos that I like showing the nitty gritty of the technique, one with the gi, the other two without. I think they cover most of the pointers we talked about in class:

    • Head control -> controlling opponents posture.
    • Grip the triceps -> attempt to get opponents arm into dangerous territory (the wrong “body-hemisphere”)
    • Angle hips so you are attacking from the side (3 o’clock positioning)
    • Keep knees tight (thighmaster squeeze) and ankles seperated.
    • Pull arm towards their hip, bridge up elevating yours.


    Each video shows a different take on the armbar, but notice what they do that is the same.  As a professor might say, compare and contrast them. Anyway, enjoy.

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