9 Sep 2010

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Milk, it does a body good

    So I had a muscle cramp today.  Not uncommon, not a big deal.  One of those temporarily painful ones I grew up calling a Charlie Horse.  My first reaction was to think, “Hmm… I need more potassium.”  Problem is, I hate bananas.

    I was pretty sure that I could just grab a Gatorade and get all potassiumed up, but hey, I’m part of the internet generation.  Why make a decision on my own when I can Google it?

    What I found was interesting.  In this article from the Associated Press that was published just a couple of days ago they bring out some interesting facts regarding: Milk.

    As a post workout drink, Milk gives you not only Electrolytes, but also carbohydrates, calcium and vitamin D.  Additionally, milk also contains the two proteins best for rebuilding muscles: casein and whey to help you rebuild those muscles.

    Scientists at Loughborough University have found low-fat milk is better than sports drinks for replacing fluids lost during exercise. Scientists suspect there may be two reasons for that. Not only does milk have a lot of electrolytes, but it is emptied from the stomach more slowly than sports drinks, keeping the body hydrated for longer.

    Is this all just pro-milk hype?  Well, not according to Michael Phelps, six-time gold medallist who, at the Beijing Olympics regularly downed a flavored milk drink in between races.

    I hate bananas.  But I love milk :)

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