19 May 2011

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  • Gi Review: Black Eagle Predator MKII

    This Article comes from Arcanum Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blog

    YO! Because I’m feeling really good about life, there is an Easter egg hidden in this review. Be the first to figure out which gi I am reviewing next, and you will win one of these sweet T-shirts. Send me an email with your answer!

    It seems like UK companies are serving out quality BJJ gis like belts at a taekwondo school.

    UK-based Black Eagle recently sent me their latest BJJ gi for review: the Predator MKII. I’ve had about a month to sink my teeth, sweat and blood into this uniform (in that order). I can honestly say the Predator MKII is the most unique-fitting gi

    I own. This is unmistakably a BJJ uniform…not a modified judo uniform, not a stamped-out clone.

    Black Eagle touts it as being “competition cut.” I asked what that means, and here’s the reply I got:

    “We designed this Kimono to be as close to the legal limits under IBJJF rules as possible, and is also why we decided to make this Kimono a non-shrinkable one! Sleeve cuffs are right on the Gi checker limit, the jacket is slightly better tapered to hug the body, but still has the important shoulder room for easy mobility on the mat. A stiffer collar makes gripping by your opponent more difficult to achieve. Trousers are also tapered better, but again within the IBJJF limits, giving wearers a Kimono that takes advantage of the rules of BJJ and gives the opponent no extra opportunities against you!”

    That’s a confident claim. I can’t verify that this gi will make the difference between winning and losing, but I have rolled in it enough to give you a solid opinion.

    First Impressions

    In a world of blingy gis, Black Eagle kimonos come across as rather plain. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, if you think gold filigree is overkill for a grappling uniform.

    Good thing I really dig the embroidered Black Eagle logo. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it’s classy. I wouldn’t call the Predator MKII an “eye catcher,” but I think it’s a sharp-looking gi. I prefer embroidery over patches any day.

    The pants fit great and felt great; they’re soft and light but still tough.

    The jacket is comfortable, too…much softer out of the bag than I have come to expect from pearl weave uniforms. I was surprised at how comfortable it was, and at how different the cut felt on my frame.

    Measurements and Weigh-In

    At 3lbs 1.4oz (A3 and A4 mix), the Predator MKII is indeed one of the lightest gis on the market…on par with gis such as the Vulkan Ultra Light.
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