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28 Jun 2011

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  • Rad Martinez "The Promise" on ESPN this Sunday morning

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    Rockwell Action Sports Report Radio Show 1320 KFAN Tuesdays from 8-10pm.

    Local fighter Rad Martintez will be fighting Lucas Montoya at the Fight Kings event in August.  ESPN will be airing a story about Rad Martinez and “The Promise” he made to his father on “Outside the Lines”.  “Outside the Lines” airs Sunday July 3rd at 7:00 AM.  This story will also be shown Sunday on the AM Sportscenter and at 11:00 PM Sportscenter.  This is a must see story so spread the word!  Rad is one of the best Lightweight fighters in Utah, but more importantly, he is good person and wonderful ambassador for the sport of MMA.

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    27 Jun 2011

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  • Pinched nerves from grappling

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    I apologize that I haven’t been posting more recently.  Unfortunately, due to my lack of mat time, there hasn’t really been much to post about.

    Yup, that’s right.  Although I have been craving mat time, an unfortunately condition has me pretty well out of the game.  That’s what I wanted to write about today:

    Pinched nerves from back injuries due to grappling.

    Be it Judo, Jiu Jitsu, or wrestling, as we get older, and as (some of us) get bigger, these types of things are unfortunately, increasingly likely.  Mine has had me out for just over a month now, and although I am improving, I know I am nowhere near ready to be back on the mats yet.

    So, I wanted to share a little bit of what I have experienced, and what I have learned:

    1- Arm pain can be back pain.  Yup.  Most of my pain is actually in my arm.  It is really bad in the arm pit, should, and between my bicep and tricep, headed down toward my elbow.  The pain near the elbow has been bad enough from time to time, that I was sure I had a recurrence of tendonitis.  But, it didn’t respond to cold like tendonitis does.

    2- Ribs can act like spinal injuries.  Ya, weird huh?   I have been to a couple of the best, most highly recommended doctors for this type of thing, and both of them have determined that my “back” pain is actually a rib that keeps popping out of position on the back.  Apparently this is a common form of your “back being out”.

    3- NSAIDs can be trouble.  Aleve, IBuprofen, etc.  My chiropractor told me to take 800 mg of ibuprofen ever 4 hours to keep the inflammation under control.  After about a week of this, I had a mouth absolutely full of canker sores.  I did some searching on the internet, and apparently this is a common problem with large amounts of NSAIDs (Non steroid anti inflammatory drugs.)  Watch out for this.

    4- It can take a long time to recover from a pinched nerve.  In addition to pain, and weakness in my back and arm, I have tingling in fingers on that hand as well.  In researching this type of condition (ain’t the internet great), I found a good article on what to expect for recovery times on pinched nerves.  The article goes into a lot of detail about which portion of your back is likely to be causing the pain, and what effects you will likely be feeling.  As for recovery times, the author claims that several weeks, and very often months is typical time for a damaged nerve to heal, even once the pressure from the back or rib is fixed.  Truly sucky.

    I’ll keep you posted on how my condition progresses.  If you have been through this as well, I’d loe to hear your experiences and insight.

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    19 Jun 2011

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  • Total Mayhem "Natural Disaster"

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    If you’ve never been to a “Total Mayhem” show you’re really missing out. They go above what other promotions usually do. This next event will have a full bar and a mechanical bull. They want the show to be more then just some fights, they want it to be an experience. So be sure to come up to West Haven, Utah and enjoy a great night of fights and stay for a good time! If you need more information check out

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    17 Jun 2011

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  • CFC 3 June 18th

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    If you find yourself in St. George this weekend be sure to check out and support Crown Fighting Championships! I’ve heard nothing but good about this promotion, I hope to get down to an event very soon. If anyone from CFC is reading this please contact me!

    CFC 3: June 18, Fighter Match Ups


    Rafael Deluna

    Bernales Institute

    SLC, UT


    Joseph Viola

    Team Drysdale

    Las Vegas, NV




    Travis Newland

    Team Tenacious

    Central, UT


    Glen Wilson

    South Town Gym

    Moab, UT



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    17 Jun 2011

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  • Quick Video Tip: Kimura Escape / Prevention

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    When it comes to submission defense, let me ask you a question.  Do you want to be part of the countering-submission squad or the department of submission prevention?
    I believe the later is the best.

    I’ve been watching Josh Barnett’s Attacking the guard, and coupled with something I read from SBGi’s Matt Thornton, I’ve been made a big believer in the department of submission prevention. Its the difference between having a fence on the cliff or an ambulance in the valley.  Practice shutting down submission techniques the moment the arise – it’s a good habit.  Waiting till the submission is set in is the equivalent of the college all-night cram session. Yes, you need to do it sometimes, but why not study attack the problem earlier? It’s a healthier, and more successful.

    In this vein, I was thinking about the kimura and how to not let it happen.  Below are a few vids that touch on the “shut down as early as possible” theme.

    Also check out Gene Simco’s technique (embedding was not allowed)  here.

    Of course the real way to stop the kimura is to nerf the basing structure of your opponent and always maintain dominant grips – which is to say, stay in control.

    I’d like to know your thoughts – how do *you* like to avoid the kimura and escape it if you get caught?

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    15 Jun 2011

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  • Monkeys in a barrel, my 7 levels of nerdiness, and some new tunes…

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    Monkeys in a Barrel

    The last few weeks have been a learning process of a different kind. Instead of getting my butt kicked by my teammates, I’ve been teaching kids classes at one of the MMA gyms I train at. My coach asked me and a fellow blue belt to step in and help him handle the teaching load, so I’m teaching every Wednesday. And guess what I’m using?

    That’s right…Gracie Bullyproof.

    So far, so good. Bullyproof is an awesome way to involve the kids, teach and have fun…but one thing it doesn’t cover is how to keep a barrell of monkeys in line. That’s the challenge: make a class fun while maintaining structure and discipline. So far all of the kids in the class are under 10 and there are way more girls than boys. I’ve learned a lot about how to maintain order, but I’m not gonna lie; it’s a little challenging. Which is why I’m enjoying it.

    I’m working on a new gi review format that I think will really turn some heads. I can’t wait to post my next gi review…should be sometime around the end of June.

    On another note, I feel like yammering a little about my life outside of jiu-jitsu.
    Finish reading Monkeys in a barrel, my 7 levels of nerdiness, and some new tunes….

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    13 Jun 2011

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  • Exclusive Mike Stidham Interview

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    Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Hancock and Marky Mark; these are but a few names that belong to the immortal super team only known as “The Founding Fathers”. We don’t know exactly where they came from, but we do know that without them there would be no Declaration of Independence, The Constitution or “Feel the Vibration”, Americas original National Anthem before George Washington announced the inability to feel it.

    Here in Utah we do happen to have our own version of the “Founding Fathers” in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. This is one of many interviews that we will be conducting with those who helped establish this sport in the Bee Hive State. I bring to you…The Founding Fathers of Fight.

    Mike Stidham has been part of the Mixed Martial Arts scene since the beginning. A retired Sheriff and former Kickboxing champ, Mike Stidham created “The Ultimate Combat Experience”… with his bare hands. We here at FightingOutOf.Net sat down with Mike (basically facebooked him) and asked him some questions.

    FOO (Fighting Out Of): You were the originator of the first ever Mixed Martial Arts promotion in the state of Utah. Were there any difficulties you encountered when on the seventh day you said “Let there be fight”?

    MIKE: As you can imagine starting a fight show in Utah was not easy. There was a lot of ignorance to overcome. The only thing I can compare it to is the Gay Pride parade. I actually attended it this last week. I was amazed at how big it has gotten. There is a large gay community in Utah although nobody wants to admit it exists, and certainly doesn’t want to be known as supporting them. That is exactly how MMA was received in the beginning.

    FOO: A lot of fighters from this state started from the UCE. Is there one you’re practically proud of?

    MIKE: I’m proud of all of them. Even those who think they are too big to appreciate where they came from. They have all taken the paths they felt was best for them. For that, I applaud them, and hope they found happiness in MMA, as I have. There are a few that I have been especially proud of for other reasons. Not for their exploits inside the cage, but for the transformations they were able to make in their personal lives as a result of being a part of the show. I have seen drug addicts quit drugs, gang-bangers quit banging, and dead-beats figure out there was more to life than sitting on a couch.

    FOO: The UCE is no more, but from its ashes rose the Ultimate Combat now owned by Mike Memmott. What’s your new role in the company and has it been a lot less stressful than your role before?

    MIKE: I find it very interesting that you have killed off the UCE. In fact, in preparation for this interview, I read a few articles on your web site. UCE was referred to as the ‘Now defunct’ UCE. I take exception to that. Much to the chagrin of other promoters in town-who by the way will sink to the lowest professional ethics imaginable in trying to steal some of my TV contracts, UCE is still alive and well. We recently were picked up by Al Jazeera sports, putting our brand all over the Middle East. We have new deals in the works for wider distribution in Canada, and all over Europe. UCE is not even close to being defunct. We are not doing live events currently because our athletic commission is run by a bunch of people that have crooked agendas. Rich Montenez has done everything in his power to run me out of businessm in effort to help further the efforts of his son’s organization. Bill Colbert is just his puppet. To answer your question, I have absolutely no role in the operation of Mike Memmott’s organization. He is a friend of mine and has asked me for advice from time to time, but that is the extent of it. I produce the fights he promotes for air on television, and distribute them. He has nothing whatsoever to do with what I do, and I with what he does. My wife acts as matchmaker for him, and she too will ask me for advice in terms of match-ups, but that’s about it. There are no ashes for anything to rise up from, although the image of such ashes may appeal to some in their minds.

    FOO: I noticed that the radio show is no longer on ESPN 700AM but on 1280AM. What prompted that move?

    MIKE: 1280 THE ZONE is also on FM at 104.7 FM….More listeners, better radio station. Just made sense.

    FOO: You have interviewed a lot of well-known MMA stars. Which was your favorite interviewee?

    MIKE: By far, Don Frye…..dude was hilarious!!!! I hear he’s making a comeback. He will have to lay off the sauce if he wants to do that.

    FOO: What are your thoughts on the future of MMA?

    MIKE: The future of MMA is bright. The sport is growing by leaps and bounds. Between my new gym in Draper, and the TV show, I’m happy to be a part of it.

    FOO: When will the new season of the Ultimate Combat begin?

    MIKE: That is a Mike Memmott question. You guys should interview him for your site. He’s a great guy, and just wants to help the sport grow despite having to work with a commission that appears hell-bent on seeing it otherwise.

    FOO: Who are some of the fighters that we, the MMA fan, should keep an eye out for?

    MIKE: Keep your eye out for a fighter by the name of Gunnar Legas. Have you seen this kid???? Google him. If he decides to become a fighter….WATCH OUT!

    FOO: You were once a Kickboxing champ. Is there one more fight left in Mike Stidham or have you retired the gloves for good?

    MIKE: Any time the Baby Gorilla wants to strap a pair on (Gloves that is), I would relish the idea. PEACE!

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    12 Jun 2011

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  • BYU TV Story on Mr. Snarr

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    Our very own assistant instructor and BYU student, Caulin Snarr, was chosen by BYU-TV to do a story on him. Please follow the link below to see the 5 minute story!

    BYU-TV Soo Bahk Do Story

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    10 Jun 2011

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  • Fight King LIVE Round by Round Updates

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    We’ll be doing live Round by Round updates from the Fight King – Explosion event today starting around 7 p.m.

    The main event of the evening will be Brandon Melendez vs Kyle Jackson with a co-main event of Sean O’Connell vs Ben Fuiamono.  Follow the fights as happen here on   You can also discuss this card and fights over in our forum HERE


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    7 Jun 2011

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  • The Fight King Scramble

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    As most of you know Fight Kings Main Event features Brandon “The Murderer” Melendez and “Mad” Mike Arrant, Kyle Jackson. Yep…you read that right Melendez VS. Jackson.

    Even the casual fan knows who “The Murderer” is, starting his career in 2002 in the now defunked UCE and going all the way to the UFC. “The Murderer” has a who’s who of MMA on his record. Melendez is known as a guy who likes to stand and bang, but most don’t realize he has just as many submissions as he does (T)KO’s.

    Now…I am sure you’re asking yourself, “Who the hell is Kyle Jackson? Well he’s the guy in the Main Event now, and the kid is tough. He has wins over Mike Crisman, Jaime Anton and Tallon Torres. From what I’ve seen he is a wrestler and ground guy. His sole loss in his young MMA career has come by the hands of the undefeated Jason South.

    If the Main Event doesn’t change your mind…the co-main should perk you up.  Sean “The Real OC” O’Connell vs. Ben “The Maniac” Fuimaono.  Now this fight should be nothing but fireworks. OC has been known as a guy who loves to stand and trade and “The Maniac” has put his fair share of guys to sleep as well.  So be there for this fight…but be sure to not blink.

    So even though the original Main Event had to be changed…it still should be exciting. So be sure to get down to “The Complex” 100 South 536 West. Salt Lake City, Utah.

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