26 Aug 2011

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  • Gi Review: Black Eagle Raptor Part 2

    This Article comes from Arcanum Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blog

    Apparently I’m like the 4938′th blogger to review the Black Eagle Raptor.

    Well, that just means there are 4937 other lucky grapplers out there who get to wear one of these to training every day. Black Eagle really outdid themselves with the Raptor.

    Lest I sound like a gawking fanboy, you should know I found a few problems with this model that I’ll be exposing in my review; and one flaw in particular would really make think twice about buying it unless they fix it for the production model.

    If you want the short version, here’s the video. For you die-hards, continue on after the video for specifics in measurements, weight, and to find out whether or not I got made fun of for wearing a gi with purple flowing letters on it.

    Video Review

    360-degree Photos

    (click to view in slideshow)

    Finish reading Gi Review: Black Eagle Raptor Part 2.

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