13 Dec 2011

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  • Product Review: Venum Ultimate Vale Tudo shorts

    This Article comes from Arcanum Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blog

    I’m late for the bus. Not the first time this has happened to me, but the sinking feeling of panic never goes away. I abandon my breakfast on the countertop, fling my books over my shoulder and run down the driveway. Just as the bus begins to pull a way, I pound frantically on the door. Breathless as I run up the stairs, I stomp the snow off my shows and turn to face the bus full of my classmates. Then it happens. A cold draft of air wafts up my leg. From the back of the bus, someone yells “Hey, he’s not wearing any pants!”


    But I’m not worried. I’ve had this dream before, and this time I came prepared. I’m rockin’ my Venum Ultimate Vale Tudo shorts, and I own this dream.

    For any of you who still have dreams like this, where you’re the victim of some humiliating situation, buy some Venum Ultimate Vale Tudo shorts and wear them to bed. These babies keep you so secure that there won’t be any room for paranoia.

    First questions first: what is the difference between a vale tudo short and a traditional fight short?

    The biggest difference it is that vale tudo shorts are form-fitting. They hug your body and flex with you. They do not hide bulges and curves, like looser fight shorts would. In other words, they cover your butt, but they don’t hide it!

    Venum Shines Through

    My biggest question when Aaron from BJJHQsent me these was how to accurately review a product meant for cage fighting. I was definitely not going into the octagon just to test these babies out.

    Aaron saved me on this one: “Many people wear them under their gi pants. You need big…wait…you need a lot of body confidence to rock them alone.”

    Well, I have only moderate…uh…body confidence. So that solved it. I would wear and test them under my gi pants.
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