18 Dec 2011

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  • The 2011 BJJ Gi Survey Results are posted!

    This Article comes from Arcanum Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Blog

    Whether you participated in the survey or are just looking for an idea of which gi to buy, this is just too cool to ignore. Check out this article.

    Aesopian has spent a TON of time on this survey and it shows. Big props to him for putting his time and effort into this – I think it’s a huge service to the BJJ community at large.

    Most interesting to me is that apparently in the top 33 brands of gi, there is no significant variance in quality (Black Eagle is not on the top 20, for example, and I consider their product to be top notch). There really hundreds of factors that influence results, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Aesopian breaks it down and interprets the data.

    I for one am thrilled that many of the top brands are under $130 retail.

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