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30 Aug 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • 3 Things the Martial Arts has to come to grips with to survive

    1- MMA Is your re-brand

    While many martial arts view MMA as a bunch of savages, and completely different from their own refined martial art, the overlook the fact that their target audience is increasingly draw to it.  To many people who would have studied Karate in the past, MMA means simply:

    The ability to fight on the feet as well as on the ground, and not be embarrassed when my friends ask me about my hobby.

    Make sure your gym offers some elements of standup striking, as well as some grappling, and call yourself an MMA gym.

    Why? Because it’s what people are searching for.  Google Insights for Search show searches for MMA growing each year, and searches for Martial Arts, Karate, Kung Fu, and all of the others declining.  Like it or not, your branding needs to change or die.

    Stop hating MMA.  Start seeing the value it striking as well as grappling, and get on the bus, while keeping the elements of your art that make your gym so good at that aspect.

    2- You have to offer it all or die

    There are no islands.

    You will nto be able to survive in the long run as just a BJJ dojo, or just a Muay Thai or Kenpo facility.  If you don’t offer all of the elements your students will find somewhere that does.

    This includes Grappling and Striking at a minimum.  But you can’t even just think of BJJ when you think of grappling anymore… Wrestling will need to be a part of your training as well.

    3- The Gi is going the way of the T-Rex

    I know… It is going to break a lot of hearts, and traditionalists will fight this tooth and nail.  but even in BJJ competitions they not only offer Gi and no Gi divisions, but we are starting to see more interest and participation in the no Gi side than we are in the Gi.

    Bottom line: Your students can walk proud in a pair of fight shorts and a t-shirt.  But dropping by the 7-11 in their Gi after practice looks about as cool as if the marched in wearing a their Dungeons and Dragons costume.

    Does this mean there will be no place for the gi, or that there isn’t value in training with it?  No.  But if you don’t offer any no Gi classes now, you had better start.

    29 Aug 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • UFC 151, Jon Jones, and Fairness

    Okay, so we’ve all heard the story:

    Dan Henderson got hurt, and can’t fight.  Chael Sonnen agreed to fight Jon Jones instead (wait.. Didn’t Chael say he would quit MMA if Anderson Silva beat him??).  Jon Jones (due to advice from Greg Jackson) refuses to fight Chael on 8 days notice.  Dana White is pissed.  UFC 151 cancelled.

    Okay, so let’s pull this apart once piece at a time:

    - Dan Henderson gets hurt.

    Well, no shocker there.  UFC fighters get hurt all the time.  This shit happens.

    - Chael Agrees to fight Jon Jones.  Sure.  Good call by Dana… Would have been a hell of a fight.  Kudos to Chael for taking this last minute (by why wouldn’t he.  Hell of an opportunity for him to get a title shot right off of a loss).

    - Jon Jones and Greg Jackson refuse to take the fight.  Okay… So this may suck for us, the viewers.  But come on… It take s a lot of planning and practice to compete at this level.  Chael has been training for a long time now for Anderson Silva, and Jon Jones has a lot of similarities.  I think that Chael is more prepared for a fighter like Jones than Jones is for one like Chael.  I can really see Jon’s perspective on this one.

    - Dana is pissed.  Understandably so.  We can’t just have fighters start deciding that they don’t want to fight other people.  But maybe there’s a middle ground here?  Maybe they have to take the fight as long as they are given at least 4 weeks notice, or there are some penalties under their contract (perhaps even as severe as losing their title)?

    - UFC 151 is cancelled.  Now this is the part that really chafes my ass.  I think this was just Dana making a point.  Fighters get hurt.  This shit happens.  Dana should have a list of backup options to proceed if some key fights drop out.  Perhaps this could even be set up ahead of time?  Maybe Jones should have been told to prepare to fight either Henderson or Belfort?  and Hendo could have been preparing to fight either Jones or Machida?  That way a single injury on either side doesn’t kill the card?  This could even be announced to the public, so if you book a flight, hotel, and fight tickets you know that you will be seeing one of the “following fights”?

    To me, this needs to be a lesson to Dana:

    - Put teeth into contracts for fighters who refuse to take a fight (unless given a certain amount of notice)

    - Plan for people to get hurt.  Have contingencies.

    - Don’t turn your power struggle with Greg Jackson into our problem.  That’s bullshit.

    29 Aug 2012

  • Posted by Utah Martial Arts Feeds
  • The Magic of the Sweeps – MMA, Judo, and Wrestling

    This Article comes from Utah Judo
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    I have been doing Judo for roughly five years now, but recently I have started to change a fairly significant area of my game:

    I use my sweeps a LOT more.

    By sweeps, I mean stuff like Ouchi Gari, Kouchi Gari, as well as just some general “foot tapping” as I circle a person.

    First let me start with why: I am a fairly large guy.  But as a large guy, I have found that I often end up with even LARGER guys.  The problem here is that their legs are like tree trunks!  Trying to move them can be very hard.  But… Big guys rely on that.  They know their legs are solid, and they depend on them.  But that means that there is this “magic moment” right before they fully plant, when they are vulnerable.

    Also, as MMA and No-Gi gains more traction there are more and more wrestlers on the mats. These guys have amazing balance, they’re fast as hell, and you don’t have all of those Gi-handles to throw them around anymore.

    But start introducing foots sweeps, as well as just some “foot prodding”, and you’ll see it really get into the head of a good wrestler.  They’re really not used to it.  It can make them snatch a foot back, and blow their balance.

    In either the case of the big-man-pillar of stone, or the freakishly nimble and balanced wrestler, this technique really serves to do one key thing: create unplanned movement.  It makes them react, and react quickly in ways they had not planned on.  Even if you don’t get your sweep, this creates openings.  This is when people mess up.

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    25 Aug 2012

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  • Showdown: Burkman vs Yager

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    We’re here at Showdown in Orem. Should be an action packed card. There will be 9 fights tonight since Sean O’Connell vs James Irvin has been scratched. We will be having Mrs. Dutch covering the event tonight. So be sure to keep checking back tonight for more results!


    Brad Darrington (170 lb.) vs. Tanner Cowan (155 lb.)


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    22 Aug 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Help Combat Cancer

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    I want to ask you all to take a moment to help.  This web site is free.  always has been, always will.  all content is free.  None of the vendors pay me.  The one thing that I ask in return: Let’s help work together, to help children as we Combat Cancer. Even $1 helps!

    22 Aug 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Utah Wrestling: 4 ways to be a killer on the mat

    Wanna kick some ass on the mats? Here are a few tips to help you get there:

    Win in your head before you get on the mats

    As Kayla Harrison just showed us all, by takin the first US godl in Judo ever, You need to picture yourself winning, and know it will be the case.  Know you’ll win, and you will.


    Stop Whining!

    Don’t walk off the mats pissing and moaning about how you didn’t get some of your points, about how the guy was pinned for sure, but they didn’t call it, about that bullshit cross face, or whatever.  Bottom line:  If you lost you lost.  If you con’t learn from it it will happen again.  Stop making excuses and make changes.

    Video and review

    Have someone video all of your matches.  Review the video and ask yourself where you could tighten your game.  Where did you struggle?  What gave you trouble?  Get over wallowing in your troubles, or basking in the glory of your wins, and get back to work.  Have others you trust, coaches or mentors, review the videos and give you suggestions.


    Supplement your Wrestling

    Wrestling is serious stuff… No one pushes their bodies like wrestler do.  But wrestlers often fail to appreciate what skills can be learned from other grappling sports.  A bit of Judo during the off season can add some interesting elements to your takedown game (especially your Greco).  Jiu Jitsu classes will add amazing things to your ground game.  Don’t ignore the powerful elements that these other styles can bring to your wrestling.

    22 Aug 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Winning before you even touch gloves

    I was rolling a bit with a good friend in the Dojo recently, and for some reason I was on fire.  Everything just seemed to be working right.

    He chuckled, and asked if I had decided to really stick it to him that day.

    I responded that no, I wasn’t being more aggressive, or trying to push harder.  I just somehow knew, each time we approached each other, that it was going to go my way.  I was just having fun with it.  I was on a roll.

    It was in saying it, in actually thinking through what to say, that I really came to the revelation.

    I don’t always do that well.  I don’t always think I’m going to be successful in hitting my moves.  In fact, when I’m not sure if I’m going to perform well or not I tend not to.

    It makes me think of Kayla Harrison, who just took the first US gold medal in Judo ever.  She commented many times about how she knew she would win.  How she pictured herself receiving the gold medal, and just knew it was going to happen.

    So the thought for today: Win before the match.  Picture yourself there, and know you will be.  Karate, Wrestling, MMA, it’s all the same.  Know you are going to win.

    19 Aug 2012

  • Posted by Utah Martial Arts Feeds
  • The 5 Scariest Jiu Jitsu Submissions

    This Article comes from Nuclearchainsaw » Jiu Jitsu and Judo
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    There are a lot of submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that are absolutely terrible…you know, when you’re the victim of the technique.  There are 5 in particular that scare the piss out of me when I’m caught in them and I’m sure any practitioner has felt the same at some point.  Here are the top … Read more

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    18 Aug 2012

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  • Total Mayhem: Davis County Fight Night Results

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    Here are the results from the all amateur Total Mayhem: Davis County Fight Night in Layton, Utah

    Maverick Resuello vs Anthony Hoffman – Anthony Hoffman wins at 2:30 in the 2nd by TKO
    J Colby Goetz vs Ryan Lund – Lund wins by RNC at :47 seconds into the first
    Skyler Jensen vs Miles Welk – Miles wins by TKO in the 1st round at 1:06
    Dylan Birthisel vs Kyden Cutler – Kyden wins by triangle in the 2nd at 2:28
    Skyler Fraizer vs Westin Wilson – Westin wins by triangle in the 2nd at 1:29

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    18 Aug 2012

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  • Total Mayhem: Davis County Fight Night

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    Live Coverage of Total Mayhem – Davis County Fight Night from Layton, UT starting around 7PM (08/18/2012). As always, brought to you by Cricket

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