3 Nov 2012

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  • Everyone is a Puzzle to solve

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    One of the things I like most in my Jiu Jitsu or Judo training is when I have someone to roll with with who really starts kicking my ass in one area or another.  For me, this is a great opportunity to really start thinking.

    I tend to go over each rolling session again and again in my head for days, asking myself where they were giving me the most trouble.  I’ll pick one specific area, and try to really understand what I could be doing better to deal with what was happening there.  I’ll try it out the next time we roll.  Then I’ll move on to another little piece of what they were doing that was a real challenge to me.

    For me, an opponent is like a puzzle.  not just in that one rolling session, but a longer term puzzle to really give you a chance to improve your game.

    Even if it’s someone who you easily dominate in a rolling session, almost everyone will have one specific area where they p[ose more fo a challenge for you.  Start to ask yourself why, and what you can do to tighten your game to do better.

    It’s not about beating the person.  It’s about the person being the fire that helps to forge you, and to make you better.

    Don’t shy away from rolling with people who are better.  Just view them as an opportunity to start working on a piece of your puzzle.

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