24 Nov 2012

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  • Washing Boxing Handwraps

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    As you might know, I’m not a pro MMA fighter but I am pro when it comes to laundry so I thought I dish a few tips.

    First, if you do not want foul smelling boxing gloves, you need to wear hand wraps (always!) and wash them often. This is non-negotiable; safety and smell go hand in hand with this one. How often you say? If we were in a perfect universe, I’d say after each use. Practically, I’d go with every 3 wears – if you let them hang out and air dry between uses.

    As for the actual washing, I like to keep them wrapped and jam them into a sock or the sleeve of one of my rashguards. If you have more money than sense, you can always buy a handwrap wash bag. Use a mild, non-bleach detergent.

    For comparison, I washed two of my hand wraps with the differing methods; wrapped up in a coil (above left), and the toss-them-in-carelessly method (above right). When you just wash them as is, they often get kinked and tied up, which is super annoying.  I employed the sniff test to the wrapped ones and even the core of the roll was fresh – despite my initial fear of the inner part of the wraps not getting washed correctly.

    One word of warning though, some hand wraps are notorious for bleeding color into your laundry – sometimes I’ll wash hand wraps for the first time while I take a shower, oldschool style, to avoid the possibility of dying my other clothes.

    As for drying, hanging up the wraps, I suggest the air-dry method. Hang them up somewhere with as little self-contact as possible and wait. Letting them dry out in sunlight will help deodorize them a bit, although sunlight can slightly degrade certain fabrics/colors. Some wraps claim they can be put into a clothes dryer. I’ve foolishly entrusted a few pair to my dryer – only to be spurned with twisted, knotted, ripped and shrunken hand wraps.

    Two other miscellaneous tips: wrap the fabric in reverse (Velcro ending up in the coil’s core) so they roll directly onto your hand when putting them on and invest in several pairs of hand wraps so you’ll always have a clean pair- they can often be picked up in a cheap 3-pack of wraps online.


    Do you have any spiffy-clean tips? Let me know in the comment section below.

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