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30 Dec 2012

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  • The Wedge And You’re Your Own Team

    This Article comes from Nuclearchainsaw » Jiu Jitsu and Judo
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    Some of you may not like what I’m going to write, but I don’t care, you’re probably thinking the same thing. You know what a wedge is…its shaped like a piece of pizza.  Loggers use it to get a tree to fall wherever they want, and it’s also something that splits up something else that … Continue reading »

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    26 Dec 2012

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  • A chance to actually try Jiu Jitsu and MMA with a friend for free

    I was contacted by Hidden Valley MMA, and asked to extend a great offer to our readership.  This offer is good through January 5th.  So don’t wait… Call now!

    Boy smiling big and giving thumbs up signOkay, so you have been thinking about Jiu Jitsu, MMA, kick boxing, and generally getting tougher and in shape for a while now, right?

    You and your buddies have mentioned it, but you don’t know where to train, you don’t know the people there, you don’t know if you’ll like it or be any good at it, and you really don’t want to dealwith the awkwardness of going and trying one of these  places.  Right?

    Well, Hidden Valley has asked me to give a special coupon code to our readers, and to make an offer that might help you actually give it a try:

    Just call Hidden Valley at 801-347-3471, and tell them that you were told to give them the coupon code: UMA2013.  If you do, here’s what you’ll get:

    If you bring a friend with you, you will both get a month of training in MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, or any combination there of for free.

    At the end of your month, if you decide to sign up, you’ll get a bunch more stuff free:

    • A free, 3 hour Black Belt (in Judo and Jiu Jitsu) seminar for you and that same friend.

    Your choice of either:

    • A free Jiu Jitsu Gi

    Or a Striking Pack with:

    • Free Pro MMA Gloves
    • Free hand wraps
    • Free Mouth guard

    So get up, and give it a try!

    25 Dec 2012

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  • Hard Times

    This Article comes from Ruiz Combat Grappling – Blog
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    Brandon Ruiz working for a pin at the 2007 Greco Roman Wrestling U.S. World Team Trials

    I was looking back through some of my old competition and training journals
    the other day and it took me back to a few years ago. It made me think about all
    the struggles and tough times that I experienced over that period. I kept
    records of my performances with wins and losses and I also remember exactly the
    type of experiences that my little family was going through over that time. 

    At the time I was wrestling in the Greco Roman style and also doing some
    submission tournaments as they came up. We just had our first child and had
    moved back to Utah. Up to that point my wife and I had been living in Colorado
    Springs, Colorado so that I could train in Greco Roman wrestling at the Olympic
    Training Center. I had done rather well during the time we were there. I had
    arrived as a nationally unranked athlete and quickly moved up to All American
    finishes at the national tournament. I had moved up to a 4th place national
    championships finish the year we had to make the difficult decision to leave the

    It was tough. I had been steadily improving and moving up the ranks, with a
    couple more years I feel that I could have possibly made some major
    breakthroughs in Greco. However we felt like our place was home closer to our
    families in Utah. It was nerve racking for many reasons. I had felt that I was
    so close to getting to where I wanted to go in Greco but at the same time I was
    still so far. All I knew was that I had a little family to take care of and that
    it meant change for my athletic pursuits. I didn’t know how to digest it all

    When we made it back to Utah I was fortunate enough to find work as a
    landscape architect consultant working on a per-job contract basis with the
    landscape architecture firm that I now work for full time. It was tough
    financially and it was tough for me as an athlete. I was trying to support a
    family, plus work, plus train as much as I could and continue to pursue Greco
    Roman wrestling success. I had just left the best training situation I could
    have possibly had and added tons of additional responsibilities to my plate. 
    The transition was tough. I had a limited number of training partners most of
    which I had to teach how to wrestle Greco. The steady improvements that I had
    been making as an athlete were beginning to stagnate and I was feeling like my
    dream was slipping further and further out of my reach. Despite intense
    fluctuations in performance and training I was able to repeat my 4th place
    nationals finish the first year being back in Utah. It was enough to keep me
    going in Greco but at the same time I could feel that unless I could get back to
    the OTC my chances were decreasing day by day. 

    Financially we were a mess. My contract jobs were up and down and I wasn’t
    making full time money. It was enough to keep us afloat but not much more than
    that. I was incurring thousands in personal debt on credit cards not only for
    competition expenses but for day to day living expenses. It was a brutal and
    doubt filled time.

    To supplement my Greco training the following year I increased my training in
    grappling. There were just more opportunities to grapple, yet I was still
    pushing as hard as I could to get to where I wanted to go in Greco. I was at a
    crossroads in my athletic career. I really wanted to have success as a Greco
    Roman wrestler. I had reached a respectable level and I wanted more. I could
    also see that my potential may be greater in grappling. It was a time of
    confusion and soul searching. 

    During this time my wife had become pregnant and we were excited to welcome
    in a second child into our family. My wife and family were the ones that kept me
    going forward. We began thinking more about the future and what another child
    would mean. Working as a contract employee meant that we did not have health
    insurance and that we would be faced with the costs of everything related to
    child birth. My credit was running out and so was time to train like I wanted

    Still we felt blessed that we would be having another child despite our
    financial situation. We kept a positive outlook and hope in our coming baby.
    Then just as things looked the darkest, they got darker. After about 3 months of
    pregnancy my wife had a miscarriage and we lost the baby. We were both
    devastated. It felt like we had slid into a pit and couldn’t find the way out.
    Our hopes had been dashed and our spirits sunken.

    Despite my lack of quality training and family hardship I competed at the
    Greco nationals that year and finished in the top eight but not high enough to
    get to the Olympic trials. It was very disappointing as I knew that I could have
    punched my ticket at the nationals if I hadn’t lost a match that I should have
    won. After I was unable to qualify for the trials I decided to leave Greco
    behind and focus on grappling and family. 

    I was able to get picked up full time at the landscape architecture firm and
    my attitude changed. I was able to see great potential in grappling and
    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for myself. I was in great shape and took all of my training
    knowledge and applied it to a serious study of grappling. Within a few months I
    was competitive with the higher ranked students and instructors. My belt
    promotions came relatively fast. I was promoted from a purple belt level to
    brown belt within my first year of serious training. At that point the snowball
    got rolling. I had success after success in grappling and BJJ and enjoyed every
    second of it. 

    In spring I won the Pancrase world championships along with the title “King
    of Combat Grappling”. I finished 3rd at the IBJJF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world
    championships that summer as a brown belt. That December I attained black belt
    rank and then the week later I placed 2nd at the FILA Grappling world
    championships. My wife had a successful full term pregnancy that brought happy,
    healthy fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) to our family. We were so happy to
    have their bright new lives become part of ours. What a year!

    It was like the success I had always wanted was just on the other side of a
    few critical decisions. I had to endure trying situations. I had to seek for my
    own ideals of success and happiness. I had to let go of some previously very
    powerful goals and embrace new ones. There were days where my own identity as an
    athlete and a person were in question. This time in my life was like a refiner’s
    fire that shaped and changed me into the athlete and person that I am today.

    I was fortunate in finding the best sport for my personal abilities and
    makeup. I was blessed to have a supportive wife who held on right along with me
    and kept on believing that our lives would get better. We held onto hope for the
    things we wanted out of life. Many days that was all we could do. 

    There are no guarantees that success will come. My wife and I could have just
    as easily fallen on more disappointment and hard times. We could have given up
    called it quits. We could have done any number of things that would have caused
    different results. Now years later we are moving forward in life. It’s not
    perfect. We still have struggles but we understand what it takes to get through

    We all will go through hard times in this life. The secret to getting through
    them is keeping a bigger perspective and a big hope in the future. We understood
    exactly what we were going through and why we were going through it. We never
    tried to hide or mask our situation into something that it wasn’t. We accepted
    the reality of those hard times and pressed on anyway. 

    When you’re going through tough times keep going. Don’t stop in the middle of
    it. Giving up reduces ability to trust yourself and will only add to your

    Some days little steps are all you will be able to take.  Other days you
    might not feel like you’re taking any. Just keep going. Keep seeking for
    solutions. Keep believing that life has great things in store for you. Be brave
    and be willing to take the hits. Roll with the punches and keep your faith in
    your future. As you endure the struggles life will see your efforts and will
    start to open up to you. It may take some different turns and twists to get to
    success but you will get it if you stick with it.

    You can achieve greatness. You can reach your goals. Be strong. Believe.

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    21 Dec 2012

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  • Gi Review: G110 Gameness Limited Edition XT

    Gameness G110 FrontGameness G110 backI had the opportunity recently to lay my hands on a new Gi: The Gamesness G110 XT Limited Edition.  So, what do I think of it?

    Well, when looking at a Gi, I think there are really probably only a few things that people really care about:

    1- Does it make people ooo and aaaah?

    2- How does it feel? (fit and movement)

    3- Is it gonna hold up?

    4- Would you buy another one?

    Well, let’s start with the first point:


    How does it look?

    Well, you can see the pictures, so obviously you can decide for yourself as well.  I will say, that for me I really like the look.  I have always liked the Gameness pitbull logo.  I think it’s edgy, yet well respected.  I love the contracts of the Gray on Black.  If it were me designing it, I’d have thrown a little red in there as well, but hey… I’m a bit flashier than some :)  I will say, that those who have seen my gi on the mat definitely comment.  It really is a perfect spot that allows you to have a really cool looking gi without looking like a fan-boy bling-whore.

    Another thing I really liked (and this feeds into the whole “will it hold up”), is that all of the decoration is stitched.  Even the patch on the front is stitched.  This is different than that Gameness Pearl that I tend to roll in, and a huge improvement as far as making the gi look awesome for the long run.  I also LOVE the face on the back of the leg (I feel like he’s got my back).

    How does it feel?

    The fit on this Gi was great.  I have to say, I’ve lost just over 50 pounds in the last year, so this gi is actually my first A4 purchase.  I was excited to finally fit into one :)

    I have washed mine once so far (in cold).  After that wash the pants fit exactly perfect.  The top fits really well also, but the sleeve length at the moment is just a smidgen on the long side.  I don’t count that as a negative however.  I am confident that after a few more washes the sleeves will be perfect.  This is important to me, as the sleeve length on my Gameness Pearl remained where I wanted, even as many of my other gi tops started getting shorter and shorter in the arm length.

    Another nice aspect of the Gameness Pearl weaves, and the XT, as compared to some cheaper Gi’s is that the texture inside the gi is different than outside.  Inside the fabric is relatively smooth.  Outside is much rougher, which can make it hard for an opponent to keep as good of a hold on you, especially in your stand-up game.

    Another aspect of fit is that Gameness has gone from 2 belt loops on the front to 6.  HUGE improvement.  Makes the pants far more comfortable for me.  Any of you who follow my reviews know that I tend to like rip-stop pants a lot (they don’t absorb the sweat as much).  But I have to say, that of my non-rip-stop pants, the XT pants are probably my favorites right now.  Although I really like how Gorilla Gi’s Beefy Silverback pants are made as well, I find that the tighter more jiu jitsu like fit of the XT is preferable to me.  Well done Gameness.

    Is it gonna hold up?

    Okay, so let me start by saying that I have had my Gameness Pearl for nearly 6 years now, and it has been pretty much bulletproof.  These gi’s are tough as hell.  Not only that, with the XT they have really taken it to the next level.  As I mentioned, all of the designs on this gi are stitched, and will last for the long haul.  The additional 4 belt loops will make the pants hold up better.  They have put immense amounts of stitching around the elbows (I’ve never seen anything like it on any other gi).  I could go on further about various stitching and stuff, but in short: will it hold up?  Hell ya.

    Would I buy another one?

    Well, I could use a ton of words to tell you my thoughts on this.  But it’s pretty simple: I own more Gameness Gi’s than any other brand.  This is by far my favorite of all of the Gameness Gi’s I own.  What do you think? :)

    20 Dec 2012

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  • The 7 Finishing Holds of Grappling

    This Article comes from Ruiz Combat Grappling – Blog
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    Grappling is extremely variable. There are so many different
    ways to win. There are literally thousands of variations for any number of
    sweeps or positions. With all of the possibilities you may feel overwhelmed at
    times when it comes to trying to finish off an opponent. 

    The constant among all these variables is your body. Your body
    will only allow you to move so many ways. With that in mind you can start to
    hone in and isolate variables. Fortunately this can open up your game
    offensively while at the same time giving you great defensive

    Understand that for all technique there are only 12 main
    points on the body that will lead to submission holds. These are areas that can
    be submitted on a regular basis of patterned attack.

    1. Neck
    2 & 3. Shoulders
    4 & 5. Elbows
    6 & 7. Wrists
    8. Spine/Hips
    9 & 10. Knees
    11 & 12. Ankles

    Now that we have established the areas that can be ‘locked’
    let’s take a look at the 7 most common finishing holds of grappling. There are
    several names that define the position of submission. These are often techniques
    that define specific application angles and body positions. Even though there
    are several techniques to getting to the finishing hold there are surprisingly
    few actual finishes. Here they are:

    1. Neck/Spine Crank: Application of pressure at acute angles to the vertebrae.
    2. Choke: Closing off the wind pipe or closing off blood flow to the brain.
    3. Should Lock: Hyperextension of the shoulder tendons/girdle as applied through bent arm as in Kimura, Americana and Omoplata.
    4. Arm Lock: Hyperextension of the elbow joint.
    5. Wrist Lock: Compression/hyper flexion or extension of the wrist)
    6. Knee Lock: Hyperextension or application of pressure at acute angles to the knee joint.
    7. Ankle/Foot Lock: Application of pressure at acute angles to the ankle joint through manipulation of the ankle and/or foot.

    For all the various techniques available to submit an opponent
    there are really only seven finishing holds that can be applied. As you are
    training I invite you to study this further. Take a deeper look at your training
    and determine which of these finishes applies to the technique you are
    practicing. Use this information to build a solid understanding of the principle
    underlying the submission you are attempting.

    It will open up your game in new and exciting ways and it will
    lead you to more fun and more success in your training.

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    19 Dec 2012

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  • Body Slam KO – Rustan Khabilov vs Vince Pichel

    This Article comes from SLC MMA
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    I love slams.  In particular, the back to belly suplex. Judo players call it Ura Nage, WWE fans call it the German suplex. I call it delicious.


    Believe it or not, the best free instructional I’ve seen on this move is from Shonie Carter’s DVD set, Judo Pimp: Brotha Hugga

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    7 Dec 2012

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  • SteelFist "Infamy"

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    Hey Fight fans! It’s me Dutch! I am going to be in the LIVE updates giving you the play by play! So show a little love and log in and come chat about the fights! Get on your phone if you’re at the event and let me know what you think. If you’re at home…you’re missing out on a great night of fights! And as always thanks to our Sponsor Cricket Wireless for providing us our connection at all of out live events!

    Powered by Blyve

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    4 Dec 2012

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  •  Dec. 4, 2012 – Motivation

    This Article comes from Ruiz Combat Grappling – Blog
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    I thought you might like some of the quotes that I share in my soon to be released book; “Champions Find a Way: How to Become a Champion in Sport and In Life”. These are some of the ideas that have helped my students win state and national championships.  

    “If there is not a struggle involved we value less that which we attain.”    –Brandon Ruiz

    “Sooner or later success is going to open up to us because we keep knocking.” –Brandon Ruiz

    “The enemy of greatness is convenience. Inconvenience is the enemy of greatness.
    Discomfort is the enemy of greatness. If you would be great you must overcome
    inconvenience and discomfort every day in order to serve others. If you would be
    great serve others.”
    –Brandon Ruiz

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    1 Dec 2012

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  • The Clash 4 Results

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    A card that had injuries and some fights drop off for other reasons, it still ended up being an exciting night in Logan, Ut. If you haven’t been to a Clash MMA event, it’s worth the drive. Another local MMA show to add to the list, so be sure to support all the local shows!


    Josh Wick def Mark Zamora vauged ia 3rd rd triangle choke


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