4 Dec 2012

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  •  Dec. 4, 2012 – Motivation

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    I thought you might like some of the quotes that I share in my soon to be released book; “Champions Find a Way: How to Become a Champion in Sport and In Life”. These are some of the ideas that have helped my students win state and national championships.  

    “If there is not a struggle involved we value less that which we attain.”    –Brandon Ruiz

    “Sooner or later success is going to open up to us because we keep knocking.” –Brandon Ruiz

    “The enemy of greatness is convenience. Inconvenience is the enemy of greatness.
    Discomfort is the enemy of greatness. If you would be great you must overcome
    inconvenience and discomfort every day in order to serve others. If you would be
    great serve others.”
    –Brandon Ruiz

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