21 Dec 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Gi Review: G110 Gameness Limited Edition XT

    Gameness G110 FrontGameness G110 backI had the opportunity recently to lay my hands on a new Gi: The Gamesness G110 XT Limited Edition.  So, what do I think of it?

    Well, when looking at a Gi, I think there are really probably only a few things that people really care about:

    1- Does it make people ooo and aaaah?

    2- How does it feel? (fit and movement)

    3- Is it gonna hold up?

    4- Would you buy another one?

    Well, let’s start with the first point:


    How does it look?

    Well, you can see the pictures, so obviously you can decide for yourself as well.  I will say, that for me I really like the look.  I have always liked the Gameness pitbull logo.  I think it’s edgy, yet well respected.  I love the contracts of the Gray on Black.  If it were me designing it, I’d have thrown a little red in there as well, but hey… I’m a bit flashier than some :)  I will say, that those who have seen my gi on the mat definitely comment.  It really is a perfect spot that allows you to have a really cool looking gi without looking like a fan-boy bling-whore.

    Another thing I really liked (and this feeds into the whole “will it hold up”), is that all of the decoration is stitched.  Even the patch on the front is stitched.  This is different than that Gameness Pearl that I tend to roll in, and a huge improvement as far as making the gi look awesome for the long run.  I also LOVE the face on the back of the leg (I feel like he’s got my back).

    How does it feel?

    The fit on this Gi was great.  I have to say, I’ve lost just over 50 pounds in the last year, so this gi is actually my first A4 purchase.  I was excited to finally fit into one :)

    I have washed mine once so far (in cold).  After that wash the pants fit exactly perfect.  The top fits really well also, but the sleeve length at the moment is just a smidgen on the long side.  I don’t count that as a negative however.  I am confident that after a few more washes the sleeves will be perfect.  This is important to me, as the sleeve length on my Gameness Pearl remained where I wanted, even as many of my other gi tops started getting shorter and shorter in the arm length.

    Another nice aspect of the Gameness Pearl weaves, and the XT, as compared to some cheaper Gi’s is that the texture inside the gi is different than outside.  Inside the fabric is relatively smooth.  Outside is much rougher, which can make it hard for an opponent to keep as good of a hold on you, especially in your stand-up game.

    Another aspect of fit is that Gameness has gone from 2 belt loops on the front to 6.  HUGE improvement.  Makes the pants far more comfortable for me.  Any of you who follow my reviews know that I tend to like rip-stop pants a lot (they don’t absorb the sweat as much).  But I have to say, that of my non-rip-stop pants, the XT pants are probably my favorites right now.  Although I really like how Gorilla Gi’s Beefy Silverback pants are made as well, I find that the tighter more jiu jitsu like fit of the XT is preferable to me.  Well done Gameness.

    Is it gonna hold up?

    Okay, so let me start by saying that I have had my Gameness Pearl for nearly 6 years now, and it has been pretty much bulletproof.  These gi’s are tough as hell.  Not only that, with the XT they have really taken it to the next level.  As I mentioned, all of the designs on this gi are stitched, and will last for the long haul.  The additional 4 belt loops will make the pants hold up better.  They have put immense amounts of stitching around the elbows (I’ve never seen anything like it on any other gi).  I could go on further about various stitching and stuff, but in short: will it hold up?  Hell ya.

    Would I buy another one?

    Well, I could use a ton of words to tell you my thoughts on this.  But it’s pretty simple: I own more Gameness Gi’s than any other brand.  This is by far my favorite of all of the Gameness Gi’s I own.  What do you think? :)

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