4 Feb 2013

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  • What’s Love Got To Do With It?

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    What’s Love Got To Do With It?

    Alright so I know that’s gotta be one of the cheesier blog titles I’ve used, but this month I think it fits perfectly. As far as striving to become a champion in sport and in life is concerned it means everything. There is no way, now how you will get very far in anything you do in life unless you truly love doing it. 

    I thank heaven above that I was able to find wrestling early
    on in my life. I love wrestling and grappling. Just for the record I call
    everything that I do as an athlete ‘wrestling’, even if it’s actually grappling,
    BJJ or Judo. I can’t help it. If it’s got grappling in it I’m trying it! My wife
    often calls wrestling the ‘other woman’ because I love it so much. I’m
    constantly studying, training and thinking about wrestling. 

    Early in my marriage when my wife asked “What are you thinking
    about?” when I got a blank far off look on my face I would always say
    “Wrestling”. That didn’t go over too well when I was a newly-wed. Now after
    almost ten years of marriage she already knows but she still asks just out of
    curiosity. I think she wants to know which cool new move I’m working on or which
    new strategy I’m developing. It’s great to have her love and support for me in
    my athletic goals. 

    We’ve learned over the years that I don’t just love wrestling
    but I NEED to wrestle/grapple on a regular basis if I hope to keep my sanity. I
    love the combat, challenge and the struggle that the grappling arts present. I
    also love the constant need for learning and development that goes along with
    it. There is so much satisfaction in solving the puzzle of your own inner self
    and your opponent through hard work, sacrifice, technique and strategy. There
    are few things in life that are more intriguing to me. 

    At this point in your own grappling pursuits maybe you are
    still trying to figure out where you fit in or how your training fits into your
    life. I encourage you to find your favorite things about your grappling and
    write them down. When difficulties come in your training or when you’ve lost a
    match that you really wanted to win you will have those things to go back to. 

    Without a doubt the greatest champions in any sport are the ones that love it
    the most. At some point they seem to find their identity as both people and
    competitors and they no longer compete for medals or placings but against the
    sport itself. 

    It’s not always about winning and losing but the love of the
    game. If you stay close to what it is that you love about grappling you will
    always be able to get through the hard times and enjoy the struggle. 

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