9 May 2013

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  • The Dirty Truth about Dave Camarillo’s Book, “Submit Everyone”.

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    It sucked. I was going to review it, but couldn’t help myself from sleuthing into the details. Basically, Dave or Kevin Howell or Tim Ferris (of 4-hour fame) paid for something, very very dirty.

    And by that I mean paying for positive reviews on the book to help it sell.  And not prostitutes.  Although that would be an even spicier story.

    Before I dive right into a rant about how I can nearly 100% prove this allegation, let me say that I think Dave Camarillo is an amazing instructor.  I hope that he had nothing to do with the dubious promotion of a book I think he had actually little to do with in the first place. I give him the benefit of the doubt. I’m not here to bash him, nor the book (seriously).  I have a fascination with publishing, Tim Ferris, and other shenanigans  Basically, I just wanted to look into it.

    So onto the meat.

    The facts:

    As of today, there are 46 reviews for his book:

    40 are five-star

    3 are four-star

    1 is two-star

    2 are one-star.

    32/40 five-star rating are given by reviewers with one one review to their name. Fishy.

    22 of these 32 five-star reviews were submitted on or before the day of the book’s released (Jan 4 2012).  Did these people read the book? Likely not.

    4 additional five-star reviews are highly dubious,with the reviewer’s public history suggesting they are a comment spammers.

    In total 38/40 five-star reviews are probably paid spam.

    The most popular is a 1-star review that 93/101 people “found helpful” – ie, the review the crowd unanimously voted as the best.  The review is pretty scathing and spot on. The second most popular, 19/24 people found useful is another 1-star.


    The conjecture


    I believe Dave probably was approached by a ghost writer to make this book happen and Dave consented. Then, the book gets pumped up on Amazon with false reviews and a foreword by Mr Ferris. Tim plays an interesting role in the plot;  Tim has been accused cheating the Amazon review system before* (94% likely) and is kinda a weird dude/crazy person who is awesome at promoting stuff.  Why oh why would Tim Ferris lend his largess to a jujitsu book in the first place?  Tim “won” a small kickboxing championship by hacking the system – ensuring he was heavier than his opponents and then pushing them out of bounds, forcing a win via disqualification. A warrior to be feared, no doubt.  Surely this spirit of gamesmanship put some coin into his pocket, and the Submit Everyone book is likely no different.


    The Sum Up 


    Dave’s book has some redeeming content and I’d probably give it a 2-star rating. See for yourself, buy the book or read the reviews here.


    * This is kind off topic, but I could go over all the details of Tim’s marketing success through “cheating”, a point he would likely not deny as he’s all about life hacking. I don’t blame him, but do think its a silly way to live.

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