12 Jul 2013

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  • Sell Yourself

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    As I was coming up the ranks of Greco Roman wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I really made an effort to sell-myself-on-myself. Let me explain. Early on I was not where I wanted to be physically and technically. I didn’t have the know-how or the insight that I needed to achieve my goals just then. Rather than just sit back and give in to my weakness I made the effort to convince myself that it could be done and that it could be done by me.

    In essence my plan was, “Believe it ‘till you See IT.” 

    I made a series of inspirational posters that I hung up around
    our apartment. They stated my goals and gave affirmation that it could be done.
    Some were simple phrases or sayings like: “There is more in you!” and“Champions
    find a Way!” I wrote down goals with a set deadline and reviewed them daily. 

    I found that as I read and reviewed these goals and continually
    sold-myself-on-myself I started to have little breakthroughs, then larger
    breakthroughs then I started having major successes on a consistent basis. Even
    now I have made new goals and I am working to sell-myself-on-myself reaching
    those goals.
    If you don’t make the effort to believe in what you’re doing and
    what you’re trying to accomplish then no one else will. 
    Take time right now and write down one thing that you would like
    to do but are having a hard time getting the confidence to do. Start an ad
    campaign to yourself about how you can achieve your goal. Make mini posters.
    Write a sales pitch. Talk yourself up to yourself. 

    Keep on this course for the next 3 weeks and watch your self-belief increase.

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