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29 Sep 2013

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  • Crown Fighting Championships Results

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    Although we weren’t able to attend this event…we have the results from what looked like an excititng night of fights!

    Thomas Hughes def Chancy Call. 1st rd triangle

    Matt Arrington def William Collins 1st rd TKO Strikes

    Kyle Gilje def Baron Hollowell Unanimous Decision

    Aaron Thomson def Chris Russell 1st rd TKO Strikes


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    27 Sep 2013

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  • Steelfist Fight Night 19 Play by play

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    Fight #1 – Adam Lary VS Brandon Rease at 135

    Round  1

    Brandon lands the first punch and Adam returns with a takedown attempt. Nice hands by Brandon landing a big overhand right followed by a good combo. Adam lands big and stumbles Brandon. Brandon takes the clinch and pushes Adam to the fence. Little is done and they separate. Brandon is landing that big overhand right at will, Adam needs to keep his hands up or he’s in trouble. Adam goes for a single leg Brandon shrugs it off. Adam is looking light on his feet and Brandon comes after with everything he’s got. Adam lands a few body shots at the end of the round.

    Round 2

    Brandon starts with that overhand right, Adam drives forward and tries to get it to the ground and has Brandon pressed against the cage. He gets the takedown and does some damage from side control. They try to move to the feet and Brandon gets a takedown of his own. Not much damage done, but he ends the round in full mount.

    Round 3

    Brandon again with an overhand right, Adam gets a beautiful takedown but doesn’t keep it on the ground very long. The clinch against the cage and the ref resets them. Adam takes him down and Brandon tries for a triangle. Brandon sweeps and gets in top position ending this round in top position.

    30-27 Brandon Rease

    Fight #2-Jerrad Gepkins VS Clint Perry at 155

    Round 1

    Clint takes Jerrad down right away and quickly gets full mount. Fighters are rolling switching position Clint gets the best of it end in dominant position Jerrad gives up his back and Clint goes for a rear naked, but can’t complete. Jerred moves into full guard and gets a few punches in from the top. Jerred gets to full mount and Clint gives up his back this time, but scrambles to his feet. Fighters stand just before the end of the round.

    Round 2

    Clint goes for the takedown quickly getting into full guard. Jerrad shrimps out and gets to his feet. Both fighters seem tepid with their striking Clint tries for another takedown but gets stuffed and almost gets taken by a standing guillotine. Jerrad takes clint down. Clint grabs onto his arm and almost gets an armbar. Jerrad is saved by the bell

    Round 3

    Jerrad comes forward with more strikes this round. Clint goes for a takedown and gets reversed. Jerrad quickly moves to full mount and starts with ground and pound finishing the fight.

    TKO at 1:14

    Fight #3-Rob Eastman VS Sterling Hartlerode at 155

    Round 1

    Sterling comes with a big swing and a miss and rob grabs his back almost getting the rear naked. Rob moves into side control then half guard. Ref is asking the fighters to work. Rob postures up and lands and few shots, Sterling adjusts to full guard. The ref stands them up at the sticks and rob manages to get in a solid spinning back kick before the bell.

    Round 2

    Both fighters swinging hard. Sterling lands a big right hand the fighters give some distance and feel eachother out for a moment and come back like rockem sockem robots. Sterlings gets a takedown with a single leg and gets side control. Sterling lets rob up rob goes for a takedown and is stuffed. He’s pushed against the cage and takes a lot of damage. They separate and rob runs right into a huge right. It’s amazing he’s still standing. Both fighters have given up on technique throwing recklessly at the end of the round.

    Round 3

    Both fighters are extremely tired and seem to be staring at each other as the crowd boos. Sterling pushes forward bouncing Rob back and forth off the cage. Sterling finishes with a left uppercut.

    KO at :42

    Fight #4-Matt Mast VS Conner McGinn at 135

    Round 1

    Both fighters going for kicks to the body. Matt lands a right hand and Conner gets a double leg. Matt throws his legs up and takes hold of the arm, but doesn’t have it tight enough. Conner postures up for a few shots. Matt shrimps out and they move to their feet. The ref calls time for the doctor to check out a cut on Conners eye. The doc won’t let them continue.

    Matt Mast wins at 1:35 due to Medical stoppage.

    Fight #5-Braden Gardner VS AJ Garcia at 155

    Round 1

    Braden starts holding a comfortable distance using leg kicks then drives forward hard for a double leg. AJ defends but Braden elevates him and gets him to the ground into half guard. Braden moves to side control and back to half guard. Braden postures up after hearing the sticks to throw in a few safe ground shots before the bell

    Round 2

    AJ throws a body kick but braden gets ahold of it and takes him back to the ground and into side control. Braden gets knee on belly and AJ gets in half guard.  Braden gets full mount AJ turns and gives him his back. Braden gets the rear naked AJ refuses to tap and takes a nap.

    Braden wins by RNC at 1:51

    Fight #6-Kenny McWilliams VS Brayden Percival at 205

    Round 1

    Kenny kicks to the body, but the leg is caught and he’s elevated by brayden. Into side control. Kenny gets out they move to north south and they stand again. Brayden takes him down. Ref calls time out and takes one point from Brayden for shots to the back of the head. Kenny lands a nice combo and brayden answers with a straight left. Brayden catches another leg and gets him down to side control. Kenny reverses him gets full mount and finishes the fight with hammer fists.

    Kenny by KO at 1:57

    Fight #7-Colton Montgomery VS Bryce Edminister at 155

    Round 1

    Fighters come together and clinch. Colton gets a leg sweep and gets into half guard. Bryce throws him off and the move back to their feet and quickly back into the clinch. They separate Bryce comes forward with some combos Colton tries for a takedown and is stuffed. Bryce slams colton to the mat, but colton moves to top position.  Bryce switches and gets top position to finish out the round.

    Round 2

    Colton using more of his standup at the beginning of the round and Bryce is being the aggressor for the ground but can’t get him down. The fighters separate and Bryce moves forward with a 1-2 Colton is throwing but doesn’t quite have the distance. Bryce drives and pushes Colton against the fence. Knee to the body missed and the ref calls time for a hit below the belt. Bryce has the distance landing a straight left between Colton’s combo. They clinch and Bryce gets Colton pressed against the cage. Big knees to the body of Colton and another hit below the belt. The ref takes 1 point from Bryce. Colton elevates Bryce and carries him to his corner to slam him down. They end the round with Colton on top.

    Round 3

    Bryce lands a leg kick and Colton lands a straight left left. Colton drives for a single and is stuffed. Bryce spins and pushes Colton against the fence using those knees to the body, they separate with a a big left hook from Bryce.  Bryce is showing superior boxing  in this round landing combos and a few heavy shots. Colton drives forward and ends the round with an unsuccessful takedown attempt.

    28-28 from all three judges. The fight is a draw.

    Fight #8-Aaron Hoehne VS Ryan Morrow at 205

    Round 1

    Aaron is spot on with his hands from the beginning landing combo after combo. Ryan is quick on his feet, but can’t make it in to land anything. Ryan drives for a takedown and pushes Aaron against the fence.  Aaron is trying hard for a standing guillotine, but can’t finish before the end of the round.

    Round 2

    Ryan drives for a takedown and gets caught in a guillotine.

    Aaron wins by guillotine at 0:43

    Fight #9-Charlene Donahue VS Buffy Ogden at 155-160

    Round 1

    Charlene lands a nice right hook then takes buffy down into half guard. Charlene moves to side control and then mount. Charlene is throwing big shots buffy tries to escape and Charlene postures up again and throws more hammer fists.

    The ref ends the fight at 2:15

    Fight #10- Hal Mitchell VS Samson Phommabout at 145

    Round 1

    Hal drives for a takedown gets reversed and pushed against the fence by Samson they separate with a nice right by Samson who takes him down and takes Hal’s back. They get to their feet with Samson still holding onto Hal’s back. Samson trips him and falls forward with his back. Hal has both of Samson’s arms trapped. Samson gets his arms and rolls for an armbar. They roll and Samson straightens it out for the tap.

    Samson by armbar at 2:39

    Fight #11-Anthony Angelos VS Bobby Stone at 240

    Round 1

    Anthony drives forward and bobby catches him with a left uppercut. They press against the cage with bobby on the outside. The ref resets them Bobby pushes forward and takes Anthony down into half guard.  Postures up and lands several shots then moves into side control. The ref stands them up after a large shot to the back of the head. No point taken. Anthony throws a kick that’s caught and Bobby takes him down into full guard. Anthony isn’t doing much work from his back as Bobby rains down punches. The ref stopped the fight at 3:27

    Fight #12-Eric Iman VS Rayce Ranstrom at Heavyweight

    Round 1

    Eric lands a high leg kick that’s caught and comes over with a big overhand right that knocks eric to the ground. They stand and clinch against the fence Eric pushes off to separate. Eric catches Rayce with an overhand right for the knockout.

    Eric wins by TKO at 1:04

    Fight #13-Thiago Alves VS Karl Grace at 145

    Round 1

    Thiago gets a big takedown into side control. Gets belly on chest then moves to full mount. He grabs an arm and gets the tapout.

    Thiago wins by armbar at 0:55

    Fight #14-Clinton Williams VS Ryan Wagner at 205

    Round 1

    After a bit of feeling out Clinton lands a body kick and Ryan returns with a couple leg kicks. Clinton drives forward and the clinch. They separate with a left from ryan. Ryan lands a good left hook. Good exchange and Clinton left to the body followed by an overhand right. Clinton lands a hard spinning back kick to the body then a big overhand right.  Clinton knocks out Ryan with a devastating spinning backfist. After a 2 minute scare Ryan is up.

    Clinton wins this fight by KO at 4:38

    Fight #15-Jose Rodriguez VS Nick Martinez at 185

    Round 1

    The round starts with a few leg clashes and a huge kick to the body from Jose. He gets him against the fence and unleashes everything he had. The ref ended the fight.

    Jose wins by TKO at 0:38

    Fight #16-Cisco Alcantara VS Cole Rose at 185

    Round 1

    Cole comes out with a leg kick and cisco answers. Both fighters having trouble finding the range. Cisco catches cole with a glancing overhand right and cisco returns with a big shot to the body. Nice body kick straight left combo from cole. Cisco delivers a powerful 121. Cole kicks to the body and opens up for a right. Lots of leg kicks from cole. Cisco trips and cole lets him up. The fighters feel each other out a bit more with a few shots to the body from cole.

    Round 2

    Cole starts this round more aggressive Landing lots of kicks and punches to the body. Relentless attack on cisco’s body. Cole land a reaching left and a left right combo.  Cisco lands a few body and leg kicks. But Cole continued the punishment to ciscos body. Cisco has a body kick caught and stumbles backwords against the cage at the bell.

    Round 3

    Cole moves forward with punches and cisco tries to grab a leg but comes out empty. Big overhand knocks cisco to the ground and cole lets him up again. Cole has started attacking his knee. Cisco is hurt and not doing much. Cole catches him with a straight right. They end the fight after the sticks with some good old dirty boxing .

    The judges score it 30-27 for Cole

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    22 Sep 2013

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  • RMFC September 21, 2013

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    A great night of fights in Vernal, Utah! Sorry for the delay in results.

    Mark May def Alex Costa 1st rd. RNC

    Tony Harris def Alexzander Brown 1st rd via RNC


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    8 Sep 2013

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  • The First Hurdle is Cleared…But Olympic Wrestling NOT Business as Usual

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    Wrestling is keeping its spot in the Olympics, for now. In 2024
    it will be up for another vote. This is a great thing for the sport of wrestling
    at least until the next official vote. According the article on
    wrestling won by the narrowest of margins with 49 out of 95 votes to keep wrestling as
    an Olympic sport. That is 51% of the vote. That means 49% of voters did NOT want wrestling to stay. 
    I am not so happy that wrestling won by a mere 2% of the totalvotes. A win is a win;
    however this absolutely has to be the biggest wakeup call in history. 
    FILA and its member nations specifically USA wrestling cannot
    keep going on in business-as-usual fashion. This year it took extreme external
    motivation for either entity to get out of the organizational and promotional
    inertia that they have continually found themselves in. 

    I see 2024 as a looming new deadline that will either keep
    wrestling hobbling along in survival mode or it can spur the sport and its
    organizers on to great heights. I hope that they will choose to improve
    wrestling’s image and further develop its promotion. Only time will tell. Keep
    your fingers crossed.

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    6 Sep 2013

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  • How Will You Live Your Life Differently Now?

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    How Will You Live Your Life Differently Now?

    My brother in law Chad Isaksen recently lost his battle with Leukemia. He
    died Sunday September 1, 2013 at about 10:30 AM MST at his home in Saratoga
    Springs, Utah. Chad was a military man having served two tours in Afghanistan as
    an US Army helicopter pilot. He also served as a US Army helicopter flight
    instructor in Tennessee. Chad is survived by his lovely wife Tara and his four
    children; Caleb, Tanner, Kinley and Ainsley. Chad was only 31 years old when his
    body gave up the fight that his spirit would never surrender. 

    His courage in the face of death was outstanding and very becoming of a US
    Soldier. Not that he would define himself that way. He was much more than that.
    He was a loving husband and father, a great son and brother, a faithful Mormon
    missionary and so much more. 

    Chad’s death was preceded by that of his younger brother Seth on July 4th
    2005. Seth passed very quickly and suddenly from an accident that caused him to
    slip into a coma, he died within 24 hours. 

    The Isaksen’s have now suffered the loss of their two youngest children. What
    a change of events from most families in which the youngest typically bury the

    At the 2013 FILA Grappling World Team Trials I dedicated my win to Chad. I
    have never done that and I had never planned on doing that. It just seemed like
    the right thing to say at that time. (Watch the interview here) 

    As I prepared for the 2013 FILA Grappling World Championships in London,
    Ontario, Canada I wanted to win for Chad. Just as my training was hitting a
    higher gear I sustained an injury that sidelined my training and which could
    have kept me from competing at all. This was in the beginning of May. The
    tournament was in the middle of June. Some nights in training I couldn’t move
    without being in pain. I had no strength. I couldn’t lift weights like I wanted
    to. I couldn’t drill or do much of anything like I had planned. 

    I fought the best I could throughout the world tournament winning matches
    against tough and seasoned opponents. In the finals match my injury was a major
    factor which kept me from being fully competitive against my finals opponent. I
    was fortunate to even have gotten into the finals under the circumstances.
    However good fortune gave way to a superior force and I lost a close 2-0

    After the finals match I sprawled out on the arena floor and wept for my
    brother in law and his affliction. I think on some level I hoped that maybe if I
    could win that world championship in Chad’s honor it would help his chances of
    winning his battle with leukemia. Of course I knew there was no direct
    correlation but it made me feel like on some small level I could give a piece of
    me to Chad. I couldn’t help but feel guilty for not being able to pull off that
    win for him. 

    During Chad’s battle with leukemia I couldn’t help but think; “How happy
    am I with the life I’m currently living? Is this really what I want to
    experience out of life? If Chad dies from this how will it affect my wife and
    how will I live my life differently because of it?” 

    I think we all ask ourselves these questions at some point in our lives but
    for me these are questions that are worth answering now. I’ve come to see very
    vividly how fleeting life can be. Chad was a strong vibrant soldier capable of
    taking on the world and within less than a few weeks he was reduced to a
    struggling chemotherapy patient. All of his previous physical powers swiftly
    left him. There was nothing he could do to stop that. It was hard for us to
    watch him decline like that.

    Luckily the US Army enabled Chad and his family to move back to Utah to
    pursue treatments at the LDS hospital in Salt Lake City. This at least gave
    those of us who loved him the opportunity to be with him and support him and his
    family in their fight for Chad’s life. We had many great times with Chad while
    he was here. We shared campouts, family dinners, and more time to visit with
    Chad and his family. 

    We hear a lot about ‘quality time’ these days but I’m not so sure that
    quality makes up for quantity in some cases. Just being in the presence of those
    you love can make such a difference even if there is little ‘quality’ about it.
    Being together means so much more when that option is no longer a possibility. 

    Tonight (September 7, 2013) was Chad’s viewing. He looked so unlike himself;
    he laid there a spiritless shell surrounded by loved ones. Even though it was
    another moment in saying goodbye it was one of peace and hope. Tomorrow morning
    will be our final goodbye as we lay Chad in the earth. 

    I already miss him. My wife misses him greatly. Our children miss him. We
    will always remember him as wildly vibrant and full of life, always ready for
    new adventure and challenges. We hold a strong faith and hope that one day we
    will all return to live with Chad and God again in our heavenly home. 

    This hope notwithstanding I can’t help but feel a screaming drive inside to
    reach higher in my own life. There is no time to waste sitting on the fence in
    life. There is no time to waste in not pursuing your greater purpose and your
    higher goals in life. I keep asking myself “How will I live my life differently?
    How can I better strive to attain my goals?” I keep thinking to myself “I want
    more! I want to do more and be more in my life than what I’m doing and being

    I will always remember the faces of Seth and Chad as they lay in their
    coffins and I will always hear the screaming drive in my head and my heart to
    live more now, if not for myself then for those whose time was cut short. I hope
    to live the rest of my life in such a way that it pleases God and those who have
    gone before and that I can become a man of great renown and become someone who
    does great things and helps others do great things. I hope to live in such a way
    that my family feels compelled to honor the Ruiz name. Be it long or short this
    is the road I must follow.


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