8 Sep 2013

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  • The First Hurdle is Cleared…But Olympic Wrestling NOT Business as Usual

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    Wrestling is keeping its spot in the Olympics, for now. In 2024
    it will be up for another vote. This is a great thing for the sport of wrestling
    at least until the next official vote. According the article on www.themat.com
    wrestling won by the narrowest of margins with 49 out of 95 votes to keep wrestling as
    an Olympic sport. That is 51% of the vote. That means 49% of voters did NOT want wrestling to stay. 
    I am not so happy that wrestling won by a mere 2% of the totalvotes. A win is a win;
    however this absolutely has to be the biggest wakeup call in history. 
    FILA and its member nations specifically USA wrestling cannot
    keep going on in business-as-usual fashion. This year it took extreme external
    motivation for either entity to get out of the organizational and promotional
    inertia that they have continually found themselves in. 

    I see 2024 as a looming new deadline that will either keep
    wrestling hobbling along in survival mode or it can spur the sport and its
    organizers on to great heights. I hope that they will choose to improve
    wrestling’s image and further develop its promotion. Only time will tell. Keep
    your fingers crossed.

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