20 Jan 2015

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  • Achievement Formula

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    “Your goal can be a driving force to keep you going regardless of your self-doubt and weaknesses. Choose goals that excite and challenge you, that are truly worth achieving, and worthy of your time and best efforts.

    Believing in your goals becomes more believable when you can look to the examples of others who have gone before. Study those who have achieved what you hope to achieve.” (from Champions Find a Way: How to Become a Champion in Sport and in Life pg. 23)

    I’m a big believer in goals and their power to move us forward. Every few months I evaluate and adjust my goals and when things are going well I get to record them as having been accomplished. That is always a great feeling! 

    As a coach one of my greatest rewards is when the athletes I coach achieve their goals. One of the great athletes that I have the privilege of training is MMA fighter Koffi Adzitso. A few years back Koffi and I were driving home from a grappling tournament we had just competed at in Las Vegas. We had plenty of time to talk so we got around to the topic of what his goals were. 

    I told him about the power of goals and how written goals had even more power. I’m not 100% sure why but written goals have a power even beyond spoken goals. 

    We talked about his fighting career and some of the bigger shows that he would like to fight in. He had already fought for all of the best local shows and had even fought for a King of the Cage world title at one point. We were trying to decide what would be the next thing to pursue. We mulled over a few fights and organizations that sounded good and he wrote it down. 

    For whatever reason I ended up with his goal list in my notebook and for whatever reason we thought that it had been lost. For a period of about two years we didn’t see that list again. We talked about those written goals when we trained together and kept them on our minds. But I’m not sure if he ever wrote them down other than just the one time.

    Over the course of the next couple of years he fought in various shows against tougher and tougher competition, even to the level of knocking out two consecutive UFC veterans and fighting a third UFC vet within that time frame. Eventually he got a shot at Bellator and lost a decision in a fight against a beast of an opponent who had destroyed everyone else he’d fought. 

    Eventually I found Koffi’s goal list in my records and when I showed it to him again we were both amazed at how much he had accomplished and how closely it aligned with that written list even though we had not seen that exact list in about two years. 

    This reaffirmed the power of written goals and their ability to guide us both consciously and subconsciously. If you are still trying to figure out what you want to do in life or whether you already have some solid ideas I encourage  you to write down your goals, give them a date for their accomplishment and then take action!

    Goals + Deadline + Action = Achievement. 


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