9 Aug 2015

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  • Fall 2015 Classes

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    Greetings Students,

    I hope everyone is enjoying your summer. I’ve been working hard on the schedule for this fall. I will be out of town quite a bit this fall in commemoration of the 70th Anniversary of Moo Duk Kwan. As a result, the schedule for the rest of the year will be a bit compacted. I intend to return to our regular scheduling in the new year.
    Pre-registration is now open for new kids wanting to start Soo Bahk Do this school year (registration is always open for adults). I hope existing students will register for fall soon so I know how many seats are available. Those that have already requested enrollment, but haven’t paid yet, have a spot reserved. The rest will go on a reserve list and I will determine availability on a first come first serve basis. I anticipate we won’t be taking in too many new students this fall.
    Here is the schedule beginning September 2:
    Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    4:00 Orange/Green Green/Red Dans
    5:00 Dans & Red Kids Introductory
    6:00 Adults Adults Family Class
    The Kids Introductory class will be for kids 5 and up who are beginning Soo Bahk Do. Existing Tiger Tots and older kids white and orange belt (no stripe) will attend this 12-week, one-hour class.
    I am setting up substitute teachers for the days I am absent. On those days, we will have condensed schedules. Kids (orange through red) will train at 5:00 and adults (including Jr. Dans) at 6:00. The 12 weeks for the Kids Introductory Class takes into consideration the weeks I won’t be here.
    Because the schedule will be fluid, please follow my Google Calendar to stay up to date on time, location, and instructor.
    Here is a summary of dates to be aware of:
    • August 30 – Gup Test
    • September 2 – Fall Classes Begin
    • September 16 – modified schedule
    • September 14, 23 – Class at Reservoir Park (check calendar for Bong seminar times)
    • October 9-10 – Dan Test and Regional Youth Tournament in Glenwood Springs, CO
    • October 14-November 1 – Sa Bom Nim in Korea.
    • December 14 – Gup Test

    In moo do,

    Sa Bom Nim

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