14 Aug 2015

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  • Pressure vs. Flow in Grappling

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    Today I came across this video of Josh Barnett extolling the benefits of using pressure over flow in grappling/BJJ situations. 

    Here is my best effort at transcribing this amazing bit of knowledge.

    Student: (Describing his experience) Energy sucking. You know when Eric rolls with you and he starts pushing on you? I feel like Eric steals energy every time he submits.

    Josh: That’s the way it should be though. If I’m not debilitating my opponent in my positioning my pinning, riding any of that as well as the locks and holds I’m trying to apply then I’m not doing everything I can I’m not being as efficient with my offense as I can be. I’m not being as superior a wrestler as I can be.

    Student: No flow?

    Josh: Flow is cool too. But why flow when I can pressure? Flow is when you need to. Flow is part of riding but when I find the opportunity or the advantage where I can apply pressure I apply pressure. All that flowing is great until someone shuts your shit down. Then all of a sudden you have no game. You have to be able to it all. You have to be able to flow. You have to be able to pressure. You have to be able to crush and smash, cut through people and then; avoid, distribute, redistribute, throw by pressure, pass it by you let it come to you and use it. All of the above.
    If you just do one thing, if all you can do is try to pin everybody you’re probably too stiff and you’ll get reversed a lot. If all you do is flow someone will lock your shit down and then you’re done. You have to know when to use what and how to use it. I’m telling you pressure, pressure, pressure. Flow doesn’t make people tired, pressure does.

    Student: So true.

    Josh: Every big time Jiu Jitsu guy I don’t give a shit what they say, what their mantra is, they are all crazy strong, they are all crazy fast, and they all use crazy muscle strength and pressure, with good technique too. They all use strength. They don’t wrestle easy. They don’t win titles s by flowing and blah blah blah it’s a bullshit lie. They get pressured, someone puts some muscle on them, they put more muscle back and then they beat them. Period. I never rolled with a high level black belt that wasn’t’ strong as shit, didn’t use his strength a ton and didn’t try to use that technique within his strength, every time. No bones about it they don’t exist they’re always using strength in some way.

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