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18 Sep 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • MMA Fight Playlist for Pandora

    It can take forever, and be frustrating as hell trying to really dial in a Pandora station and get it right.

    A station I have been fine tuning for quite some time is my “Fight” station.  It’s the one I like to listen to on my way to training, to get amped up.

    Thought I’d share it here.  Hope you enjoy :)

    20 Jun 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Elements of MMA: Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and Striking – Is Judo counter intuitive?

    There are a lot of pieces of what make up a good MMA game.  There are elements of striking, takedowns, and grappling.  To fill these needs you may choose to draw from Boxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai or others for your striking, Judo, Sambo, Wrestling for Takedowns, and most likely Jiu Jitsu for that lethal ground game.

    But as I have worked on some of these skills I have noticed something odd that I wanted to comment on.  There are a few things that seem to be “like riding a bike” (at least for me.  What I mean by that is that as I learn them, and refine them, each change starts to just “feel right”.  It becomes almost natural to do.

    But there are a few things that just seem to challenge my brain and muscle memories.  Some things that I feel like I have to constantly put effort into, or they start to go stale on me, and I find myself doing things wrong. In particular (for me): I struggle so badly with dropping my hands when I kick.  At least I know this isn’t just me… I see a lot of folks struggle with it.

    But there is another that I struggle with: My Judo.

    It drives me nuts… As soon as I start striking, I tend to fall into whatever groove I developed over time.  As soon as I’m on the ground, I start using my jitz, and it just feels right.  But if I go a few months without working on my Judo, I find myself doing standup like a damn wrestler again: Locking up, fighting defensively, trying to use strength more than kuzushi, always wanting to face my opponent on the feet, rather than wanting to spin my back to them for a Tai Otoshi, or similar throws.  AAArgggg!  Where did my training go?

    I don’t seem to struggle with this same tendency in the other areas of my game.

    Have others faced this same problem?  Is Judo counter to the way our brains like to work, or is it just me?  Do you have any elements of your fight game where you fight to overcome natural tendencies like this?


    3 Jan 2012

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Wrestling or Fighting Pre-Match Playlist

    Whatever your sport, Wrestling, Karate, BJJ, or MMA, nothing gets you as pumped before a match as a good playlist.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been looking for months, and if you’re not into a bunch of screaming or rap a good pre-fight playlist is hard to find.  So for a while now I have been sampling various lists, and built one that I think really works so I wanted to share it.  I hope you like it!

    Burn it to the ground by Nickelback

    Click Click Boom by Saliva

    Coming Undone by Korn

    Cult of Personality by Living Colour

    Demon Speeding by Rob Zombie

    Down with the Sickness by Disturbed

    Feel so Numb by Rob Zombie

    Freight Train by Brand New Sin (optional)

    Hair of the Dog by Nazareth

    I Don’t Wanna Stop by Ozzy

    I Wanna Rock by Twisted Sister

    Indestructible by Disturbed

    Invincible by Adelitas Way

    Let it Die by Ozzy

    Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolph (a bit lighter, but I love the message)

    Meaning of Life by Disturbed

    Move by Thousand Foot Krutch

    Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Day

    Rockstar by Nickelback (another optional one… good rock, but less in tune with the message)

    Scum of the Earth by Rob Zombie

    Sound of Madness by Shinedown

    Stand up and Shout by Dio

    Stronger by Kanye West

    Ten thousand Fists by Disturbed

    We Rock by Dio

    Whiskey Hangover by Godsmack (optional)

    Note: Okay, so maybe Porn Star Dancing doesn’t fit the Genre and should be considered optional.  But I just love that song :)

    Let me know if you have more, and I’ll add them here!!

    15 Dec 2011

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Want to teach MMA or Crossfit, but don’t have your own school?

    My guess is that there are several readers out there right now who look at the schools and gyms around them, and think to themselves:

    “Some day.  Some day I will open my own.  But not now.”

    Well, I wanted to share with you about a great opportunity that has come up.  A chance for you to teach, and built up a student (and revenue) base without having to quit your day job, or mortgage you home.

    Paul Evans, the owner of Paul Evans Martial Arts has built a great facility in Sandy Utah, where he does an amazing job of teaching Krav Maga to a mass of very loyal students.  But he is looking to   expand the offerings of his gym.

    Specifically, he is looking for people looking to teach classes, and just need a location for:

    - MMA

    - Crossfit (or similar fitness program)

    This is a really amazing opportunity to live your dream, without having to make the huge financial leap of getting  location and equipment.  Not to mention that you’ll be able to work very closely with Paul to understand what he has learned about how to market your programs, how to gain (and keep) students.  What to charge, and how to really make it a successful business for yourself.

    If you’re interested (and I cannot recommend Paul highly enough!) please don’t hesitate.  If you don’t take this, someone else will snap it up (especially heading into the new year, and everyone re-committing themselves to fineness.  Feel free to reach out to Paul directly with any questions you might have at: 801-352-7482.


    25 Nov 2010

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • What the Hell is Krav Maga?

    I think a lot of us in the martial arts community may be in roughly the same boat when it comes to Krav Maga…

    I have watched it on Human Weapon, and on fight Science.  I was intrigued.  It appears to be very serious… very aggressive.  Tailored to be effective against weapons, and to really disable an opponent.  Definitely not sport.

    But that’s what I have gleaned from TV.  It left me unsure what the art was really about.  It left me Krav curious, and wondering, “What the hell is Krav Maga really?”

    Well, Paul Evans of Paul Evans Martial arts invited my son and I out to a six hour seminar with one of the top Krav Maga teachers in the country.  I don’t intend to imply to be an expert.  But this writeup is my opinion on Krav Maga after that experience.

    Not just unarmed:

    One of the first eye opening items during our training was that Krav Maga is not just about defense from weapons.  Krav Maga incorporates the usage of weapons as well.  In particular is the hand-gun.  As we trained there were many times when most arts might refer to the “left hand” or the “right hand” or even “strong hand” or “dominant hand.”  But in our training for Krav Maga the hands and feet were referred to as “gun hand side” and “non gun hand.”  similarly we would address the “gun side leg” or “non gun side leg.”

    Krav Maga has strong punches, elbows, knees, and kicks.  Obviously taking many of its elements from a Muay Thai base.  But we also spent time drilling on being able to draw and fire quickly and effectively, as well as using our kicks and strikes to gain enough distance to fend off a knife and go for our firearm.

    The concept of Self Defense:

    One of the other things that really struck me during our training is that it made me drastically rethink the concept of “Self Defense.”  This term is so broad, and means so many different things to just as many people.  But if you look at most Martial Arts, and what is meant by “self defense” I think you have to look at what is the realistic expectation of most of its practicers as to how and when they will actually be likely to use it.

    Be it Karate, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, or even MMA, most of these arts train people with an expectation that they will either use this in a sport setting, or that they will use it if they are bullied, picked on, or need to get into a bit of a scrap in a bar or parking lot.  Yes, there are elements of knife or gun defense in most of these arts, but these are secondary.  In Krav Maga they are at the forefront.

    Based on what we saw, and did with our new friends that day, I would not refer to Krav Maga as “self defense.”  I think that we already have to many ideas as to what that means.  What we saw struck me much more as “Life Retention”.  If you asked most of the people we were training with when they felt they would be likely to use their skills, I would guess that the huge majority would respond with something along the lines of, “When someone is trying to take my life.”

    This was pervasive in the training.  At one point I have to admit I was talking rather that listening.  In most arts I would have been chastised with a “Be respectful and listen,” or something similar.  The whispered message here was, “Be quiet.  We’re trying to save your life here.”

    Training is intense.  We used Shock Knifes that would arc and pop like a taser to let you know they meant business, and would give you a good electrical bite if you let your attacker get too close.  This is meant to train you to live when someone intends otherwise.

    Where it fits:

    I think that each martial art has its place.  I have written recently on why I chose the art of Judo.  There are other reasons to choose other arts.  If you want to fight in a cage, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu may be the best mix there is (although I would add in something with take-down skills.)  So where does Krav Maga fit?

    In my opinion, Krav Maga is an excellent design of “You are trying to take my life.  I intend to very aggressively counter attack you such that I can eliminate your threat and escape or so that I can kill you instead.”

    Thank you to Paul, and to our new friends for the great experience.

    3 Nov 2010

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Ever Been Curious about Krav Maga?

    Honestly, how many of us have seen Krav Maga on Human Weapon and Fight Science and not been at least a little bit curious?  Sure, it’s not a sport.  But if you were ever truly in a life threatening situation what have you seen that would be more effective?

    I know, at this point you’re either already into Krav Maga, or you’ve decided that you’re busy enough with whatever other art you’re learning that you don’t really have time.  But c’mon.  You know you’re curious :)

    Paul Evans has brought it to my attention that there is a really unique opportunity for you to attend a local even put on by one of the best in the country in Krav Maga.  This is a great opportunity to just try it out, and see what you think.

    James Hiromasa is one of only a handful of black belt and fully certified Krav Maga law enforcement instructors anywhere.  He trains not only law enforcement, but the military as well, and is one of the very few to be certified to train trainers in Krav Maga as well.

    The event will be held at:

    Rail Event Center. 235 North 500 West
    Salt Lake City, UT 84116.

    (For those who haven’t been to this facility it is really, really slick.  It’s a concert venue that should work great for this seminar!)

    The Seminar runs from 10:00 to 4:00 on November 20th, and is $99.  It will cover various forms of combat and techniques including those against gun and knives.  You can access a PDF with all of the details here.

    This course is limited to 60 participants.  You can contact Krav Maga SLC to RSVP to this event by accessing their site here.

    This is really a unique opportunity with a word-class talent.  I plan on attending.  Say “hi” if you see me there please… this will be my first Krav Maga event, but I didn’t want to miss it!!

    9 Sep 2010

  • Posted by Paul Evans
  • Krav Maga Tactical Weapons defense

    Krav Maga SLC Weapons Seminar November 20th

    2 Sep 2010

  • Posted by Paul Evans
  • Krav Maga Weapons Seminar

    12 Aug 2010

  • Posted by Paul Evans
  • krav maga slc moving to draper.

    we are moving to draper. new location will be on 12300 south and between 7 and 800 east. if all goes as planned we should be in the new facility by mid august. if you have ever thought about trying Israeli Krav Maga then come see us. i will knock off $20.00 off memberships if you mention Utah martial we have a great program and offer krav maga 6 days a week, grappling 2 times a week and mma 3 times a week. come check us out.

    28 Jun 2010

  • Posted by Paul Evans
  • Krav Maga Gun, Stick and Knife Seminar

    Krav Maga SLC is hosting a weapons seminar held by German Krav Maga Federation owner and Chief Instructor – Sejoscha Agiri. Joshi, as we call him owns 13 schools in Germany and is one of the top instructors in Germany. His seminars are always packed and students leave feeling they have truly learned Krav Maga from one of the best!!! This seminar will cover Guns, Knives and sticks defenses as well as third party protection and hostage training. If the weather permits, the seminar will be held at Jordanelle State park. Friday night will be open for all and there families. Camp, eat, play games with the kids and get to know everyone. Sat. training begins. This is a great chance to train and see what Krav Maga is about. Everyone is welcome regardless of your Martial Arts Background.

    Seminar will be held on September 25th 2010 from noon to 6 p.m. there will also be some outdoor fitness training beginning at 10 a.m. for those hardcore people.

    For more information contact Paul Evans at – a flyer is available on the website. For more nfo on Joshi visit

    thasnks and hope to see you there!!!