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27 Jul 2010

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • What IS Merpati Putih?

    We always strive to bring visibility to all the martial arts, their diversity, differences, and commonality.  Today we have an article submitted by Nate Zeleznick, President of MP USA, Inc. about his art, and how he teaches it here in Utah:

    MP is the Indonesian Royal Family’s secret method of Energy Awareness and Personal Protection. MP was developed in the 1550’s and passed down through the generations from Sultan Prabu Amangkurat of the Mataram Kingdom to his Heirs. For over 400 years MP was rarely if ever seen by anyone outside of the Sultan’s Palace (called the Kraton) in Yogkyakarta, Central Java.

    In 1963, Indonesia was literally ablaze with riots and civil unrest against the government. Already into the struggle for several years, hate and violence were constantly erupting in the streets and boiling over onto the innocent. Over 500,000 people were killed in less than 6 months and at that time the 10th Generation Heir to the MP knowledge, Raden Saring Hadipoernomo and his 11th generation heirs, known as Mas Poeng and Mas Budi (the great teachers of MP) decided that it was time to release their family secrets for the benefit of all of their people.

    Now every Indonesian could learn to heal and defend themselves while at the same time becoming more loving, peaceful and spiritually aware. Today over 1,000,000 Indonesian people have studied and benefited from the MP method with over 100,000 active members. MP is also available as standard training for almost every branch of the Indonesian military including Air Force, Army Special Forces, Commando Paratroopers, S.W.A.T. Teams and Presidential Secret Service.  Merpati Putih is also an outstanding member of the Indonesian (I.P.S.I.) and World (PERSILAT) Pencak Silat Federations as well as the Martial Arts Federation for World Peace (M.A.F.W.P).  All of this notwithstanding, the Merpati Putih organization had never allowed non-Indonesians to train…until 1999.

    Nate and Mike Zeleznick are the first Americans ever granted permission to be formally trained in MP.  They began in late 1999, guided under the expert instruction of Dr. Heru Hendarto, an ear/nose/throat surgeon and senior member of MP.  Dr. Heru is a former MP trainer of the Indonesian Special Forces and the only qualified instructor within 2,000 miles of Ogden.  As luck/fate would have it, he just happened to live about 50 miles away in Salt Lake City while pursuing his Masters degree in speech language pathology at the University of Utah.

    In Early October of 2000, Mas Poeng and Mas Budi (the Great Teachers of MP) and Suprapto Purwidjayanto, known as Mas Tok (the Chairman of MP) personally tested and promoted Nathan and Mike to the Junior Instructor level and inaugurated the first ever American school of MP.  Since opening in January 2001, MP USA has grown and prospered.  Senior Instructors from Indonesia have visited MP USA to enhance curriculum, train students and maintain the highest quality in MP USA’s teachings.

    In May of 2005, Nate and Mike made the Journey to Java, Indonesia for a full month to test, demonstrate and study.  During this trip they were again officially tested by Mas Poeng, all the Master Teachers (Dewan Guru), and the entire Master Council of MP in Parang Kusumo near Yogkyakarta in central Java, the historic birthplace of MP. They passed all tests and initiations and were Certified as Senior Instructors of Merpati Putih Martial Arts and Kebugaran Wealth of Health Programs.  One week into their trip they were joined by their 11 person MP ‘Indonesia-Bound’ demonstration team and during the following week were able to demonstrate first at the PERSILAT World Grand Final held at the Padepokan IPSI in Jakarta, then the National Air Force Base in Yogyakarta, and finally in Padepokan MP in Bali. During their stay in Yogya, all 11 demo team members passed an official MP initiation and were inaugurated as true members of MP Indonesia.

    In February 2007 Mike, Nate and a team comprised of the senior-most MP USA instructors journeyed to Indonesia once again for Testing and attendance of MP TRADISI (Annual Traditional Festival).  Videos and photos may be seen at MP USA,’s website It was an amazing and honorable adventure for all and much knowledge was gained that has been brought back to further enhance the training of students in America.

    The Merpati Putih Creed

    Mersudi Patitising Tindak Pusakane Titising Hening”

    “To Seek & To Find That Which Is Right, Doing In Silence”.

    The MP creed means that MP members should do what is right for the benefit of everyone involved with a pure heart and a silent mind. As each person’s life, situation and beliefs are unique, MP is the perfect system for anyone who seeks to learn more about themselves, what they are really capable of and how they can help others without impinging on one’s personal life perspectives.  Improving ones self, serving others, carrying love in one’s heart and doing so with a mind that is uncluttered and unlimited by self doubt, preconceived notions and prejudices so that life can be lived moment-to-moment, and every moment enjoyed to it’s fullest.  This is the cornerstone of everything Merpati Putih.

    What truly makes MP special is the unique ability to quickly build and Harness large amounts of Inner Power or Tenaga Dalam -(also called Chi, Ki, Prana, Subtle Energy, or Bio Energy)…  Using a very specific method of exercising with special breathing techniques and meditation, MP practitioners can feel this energy within themselves and use it to improve their lives very soon after beginning.  Many systems focus on building energy, but the speed in which MP changes lives and perception is what truly sets it apart from other methods.

    MP teaches people how to use their inner power for many different benefits including :

    (1)-Self Healing and Rebalancing Chronic Aches, Pains, & Illnesses from within (i.e. Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Back & Neck Pain, Joint Pain).

    (2)-Massively Increasing Health and Energy including Strength, Flexibility & Stamina as well as lowering Blood Pressure & Cholesterol,

    (3)-Releasing Stress and Developing Razor Sharp Mental Focus & Concentration,

    (4)-Mind over matter such as Protecting ones own body from injury or even stimulating healing in others.

    (6)-Extremely effective Self Defense for Men, Women and Children of all ages

    MP USA offers:

    For Adults (15 to 70+)

    -      Martial arts/energy control classes for adults (15 to 70+)

    -      Low-impact health and fitness/energy control classes

    -      Meditation and stress relief, self healing and mind-body-spirit development

    -      Weight-loss and body transformation

    -      Women’s self defense and assault prevention workshops

    For Children (5-14)

    -      Evening martial arts classes

    -      Character development and leadership training

    -      Goal setting and achieving

    -      Self confidence and esteem building

    -      Physical fitness and life saving skills

    MP USA is:

    -      Utah’s only BBB-accredited martial arts school (A+ rating since 2002)

    -      Registered with Dunn & Bradstreet

    -      The North and South American Representative for PERSILAT (World Pencak Silat Federation)

    -       America’s only academy of the secret system of Indonesia’s Royalty

    -      The ultimate destination for martial arts and energy work, meditation, rejuvenation and seniors health and fitness, as well as youth programs, bully prevention and fun!

    -      Utah’s most affordable full-time martial arts school

    To find out more, visit the MP USA website at or call (801) 391-1638 and ask for Mike.