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6 Mar 2013

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Sylvio Behring Seminar March 12, 13, 14 2013

    I have been to several Sylvio Behring seminars myself.  The man is a true master, a trainer of many top UFC fighters, and extremely friendly and approachable.  I am proud to say that I consider him a friend.  Don’t miss this amazing chance.  Sylvio only comes to the US a few times per year.
    sylvio seminar

    MARCH 12, 13, AND 14TH 6:00 – 9:00 PM
    This will be a opportunity to meet and train under the legendary Master Jiu-Jitsu coach Sylvio De Matta Behring.

    Contact us @ 801-347-3471 to reserve your spot today!–
    3 Days, 9 hours of training for $100, or a single day for $50.

    22 Aug 2012

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  • Winning before you even touch gloves

    I was rolling a bit with a good friend in the Dojo recently, and for some reason I was on fire.  Everything just seemed to be working right.

    He chuckled, and asked if I had decided to really stick it to him that day.

    I responded that no, I wasn’t being more aggressive, or trying to push harder.  I just somehow knew, each time we approached each other, that it was going to go my way.  I was just having fun with it.  I was on a roll.

    It was in saying it, in actually thinking through what to say, that I really came to the revelation.

    I don’t always do that well.  I don’t always think I’m going to be successful in hitting my moves.  In fact, when I’m not sure if I’m going to perform well or not I tend not to.

    It makes me think of Kayla Harrison, who just took the first US gold medal in Judo ever.  She commented many times about how she knew she would win.  How she pictured herself receiving the gold medal, and just knew it was going to happen.

    So the thought for today: Win before the match.  Picture yourself there, and know you will be.  Karate, Wrestling, MMA, it’s all the same.  Know you are going to win.

    29 Jun 2012

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  • MMA Summer Camp for Kids 2012

    Welcome to summer!  Ready to wring your kids’ necks yet?  Want to help them find a more productive way to focus that crazy energy?

    Well, good news!  Hidden Valley MMA is offering two sessions for the kids.  Each one is a five days long.  Imagine that… Monday through Friday, you get a break, they have the time of their lives, learn something, and come home completely tuckered out, and ready to snuggle down in your lap for a nap! (Just click on the picture to see it larger)


    5 Jun 2012

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  • A Shout out to Hidden Valley MMA

    I was rolling last night at Hidden Valley MMA.  It was amazing.  After class I was reminiscing with Mike Hermosillo, the owner of Hidden Valley, my Sensei, and one of my best friends in the world.

    I have been training at Hidden Valley for five years now.  It is just amazing to me how much I have learned in that time, how far I have come, and candidly how far the gym has come as well.

    I recall showing up for class five years ago… My one and only decent takedown was a wrestling head and arm.  My ground game consisted of 7 frantic attempts to bridge my opponent, followed quickly by a panicked tap (even if they didn’t have anything).  It makes me chuckle to remember.  But it also makes me appreciate for all I have learned, and continue to learn.  Just last night I was rolling with several students, and Mike commented to me “Be more fluid.”  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  I changed my technique to follow his suggestions and (as always) it really helped.

    The changes in the gym have been equally amazing (if not more-so).  I recall the days of training in a junior high, when we had to drag the mats out of a stinky back room, through a virtual maze, and down a hall every night.  I remember finally getting real Tatami mats in (gasp.)  I remember the change when it was okay to embrace MMA (which is not always an easy jump for a gym coming from traditional Judo and Jiu Jitsu).

    I look back on those days, then look at where we are now:

    - HUGE amounts of mat space

    - A cage wall to practice cage work

    - Lots of punching / Muay Thai bags

    - Weights

    - And lots more.

    But that’s not all… That’s just facilities.  Anyone with money could have those things.  What else really makes me proud is:

    - National ranked competitors

    - Female MMA fighters that have been fighting undefeated from our gym, an are mowing through the competition (and candidly are tough as hell).

    - HUGE classes.  At a time when gyms are struggling due to dwindling summer crowds, there had to have been at least 30 students on the mats last night (with plenty of space for them!)


    So, I want to give a shout out to Hidden Valley MMA.  I’m so proud of how far we’ve come.  I am grateful for what I’ve learned (and ya, maybe a bit proud too).  I am blessed to be a part of this family.  Thank you so much to Mike and Hidden Valley for letting me be a part of it.

    17 May 2012

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  • Utah MMA Journal: Strength begins with weakness

    When I work on my training, it’s pretty common for me to say, “Can we work from position (whatever), because that’s my biggest weakness right now.”  Currently it’s my ability to attack from my guard.

    I don’t care if I “win”.  Heck, I don’t really even plan to.  What I do plan to do is improve.

    If you’re always working into your dominant position in practice, you’ll be in real trouble when you aren’t in that position all of the time in a real competition.  This can be tough though… You hace to be willing to check your ego, as there are always going to be some people you work with who are looking to prove something, looking to show they can “beat” you.

    But this isn’t what training is all about.  I’m not there to beat you.  It’s all about:

    Mutual benefit and welfare.

    We are weak together.  We help each other.  We both become stronger.

    The only way this can happen is to trust each other enough to check our ego’s at the door, and confide our weaknesses to each other.  We must also be willing to give each other advice, and not feeling that we’re growing our competition, but that we’re helping our extended family.

    Be willing to be weak.  So that together we may be strong.

    10 May 2012

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  • Blocking punches in MMA – Tito Ortiz and Bas Rutten styles

    One of the things that is sadly consistent when you watch most regional fights, as opposed to UFC-level fights is that the punch blocking sucks.  Far too often it consists of two people standing and hitting each other, with the best striker winning.  Just because someone can hit harder than you doesn’t mean they should win.  It makes me feel like saying:

    “Umm… you know you can block those, right?”

    I believe that a lot of this stems from how people train.  If you watch most MMA striking classes, or even Muay Thai classes, you will see a lot of practice on striking.  you will hear a lot of “one, two… one, two, three.”  But you don’t often see nearly the energy spent on learning to block.

    So, the tip for the day: Balance your training.  Just as you work on grappling as well as striking, be sure to give an appropriate level of  effort toward NOT getting hit.  Here we have some great pointers from Bas:


    Of course, there are different camps and styles when it comes to the right way to defend in MMA.  As we see here, Gene Collins shows a different style of MMA blocking.  This style is much more like the style used (very effectively) by Tito Ortiz:

    Bear in mind however, that the technique is entirely different if your opponent should be equipped with a light saber:

    2 Dec 2011

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  • Concealed Carry Class at Zenbei Judo

    Zenbei Judo Club Presents
    Utah Conceal Firearm Permit Classes

    Utah Martial Artist I will be hosting a Utah Conceal Firearm Permit Class. The Class includes everything that is required by Utah BCI to process your CCW permit application, Finger Prints, Class Curriculum.
    Reserve your seat today. Email Fred Louis your contact information to and I will send further details. I can be contacted at 801-243-5313

    When and Where:

    Zenbei Judo Club
    3341 South 275 East
    Salt Lake City, Utah

    12:00 – 2:30 PM

    • Must be 21 years of age
    • $50.00 for class, does not include $60.00 BCI Fee
    • Class taught by certified Utah Law Enforcement Officer
    • No Weapons needed in class

    3 Apr 2011

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  • Free Womens Empowerment and Rape Defense Seminar

    Want to learn to protect yourself?  Curious about self defense skills?  Don’t miss this amazing chance for a FREE seminar!

    Time:  Wednesday, April 6 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm
    Location: Hidden Valley Mixed Martial Arts
    9854 So 700 E. Sandy, Utah
    (801) 347-3471 WWW.UTMMA.COM

    Created By
    Michael A. Hermosillo

    The Self Defense Seminar:

    We will discuss and cover techniques for rape defense, defense against strangulation and abduction. We will work from different scenarios and situations that could arise during an attack. The techniques are easy to do and easy to remember. The most important thing from a Self Defense course is not the information you learn, but being able to remember what you learn if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in such a situation. Women and young ladies from the age of 12 and up can participate in this seminar. It is designed for women of any age, fitness level, size and strength can do it. The program starts with the worse case scenario and then works it way into avoidance and evading. The seminar is scenario based with live (optional) training on an attacker (who will be well padded) which will give you an opportunity to practice what you learn. This is as close to the real thing in a safe environment you can practice and train in.