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2 Jun 2010

  • Posted by Steve Spencer
  • Toyama Ryu Iaido

    In our continuing quest to bring you information and insights about all of the various Martial Arts here in Utah, I wanted to share some information that was recently given to me by Jake Sorensen (pictured to the left) in regards to the art he practices: Toyama Ryu Iaido.

    Iaido (drawing way) is based on Iaijutsu (drawing art) and was practiced by the samurai. Iaido is a modern way of budo (martial way) and in a sense can be seen as a do (way, path) of the mind that one travels throughout one’s life seeking perfection in the art. While learning Iaido the practitioner (Iaidoka) also learns to quiet the mind, and control both their bodies and energy.

    Iaido sword techniques are renowned for their practicality, immense cutting power and gracefulness. This also makes it the perfect martial art for men and women of all ages to learn sword skills in a friendly and safe environment, blending together physical and mental disciplines as well as spiritual growth.

    Toyama Ryu Iaido:
    The Toyama Ryu “gunto soho” (military sword methodology) was created and standardized (seitei) in 1925 in response to concern that officers would not be able to effectively draw and employ their sword (gunto) should the need arise while operating in hostile environments. After WWII, the Japanese Imperial Army was disbanded and three major lines of Toyama Ryu were adapted and taught independently – Morinaga style, Yamaguchi style, and Nakamura style. Toyama Ryu can trace its roots back to traditional Samurai swordsmanship and it blends classical and modern thinking into progressive 21st Century Japanese swordsmanship.

    Toyama Ryu Iaido is a style that is appropriate for all ages and degrees of physical abilities.

    If you would like to learn more about this art, I would encourage you to visit the Toyama Ryu Iai Do Kai USA website.