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Foley’s Mixed Martial Arts Training Center provides a unique program combing the techniques of boxing, grappling, and kickboxing.  At almost 5,000 sq ft the facility is equipped with 15 heavy bags, a boxing ring, wrestling mats, weights, and more!  Students will be able to mix and match classes to fit their individual goals.

With the opening of Foley’s MMATC, Dave will have finally reached his life-long goal of owning and operating his own studio. He has become one of Utah’s most well-known and respected indivduals within the martial arts community and posseses the talent, ambition and positivity needed to be a great coach. Dave can often be found in a fighter’s corner, in the ring as a referee, on the sides as a judge, or as a competitor. With over 75 fights to his name, Dave’s experience and expertise are a valuable asset to his students.

“Disco” Dave Foley’s Credentials:

* 5-time Golden Gloves State Champion
* 2-time Rocky Mountain Golden Gloves Champion
* 2-time competitor at the National Golden Gloves Tournament
* 2-time IKF Regional Champion
* Ranked #2 in the IKF 2001 and 2002
* All MMA wins by submission under two minutes


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