Products for Utah Martial Arts

Product Reviews:

In addition to information on local products you may want to be aware of, many of the writers on Utah Martial Arts have shared their reviews of various martial arts products (Gi’s, Mouth-guards, Training DVDs, etc.) that you may find interesting.

Local Products:

Utah Martial Arts is here to share information.  I don’t sell products.  These people don’t pay me.  But there are some products offered by folks, right here in our community that I think you should be aware of

GrillGuards_img_productingoGrill Guards Custom Mouth Guards

How could we cover Martial Arts gear from Utah, and not mention Grill Guards?

If you’re gonna play rough, wear a mouth guard or lose your teeth.  That simple.

Why Grill Guards?

- They look absolutely awesome.

- It fits tons better than that piece of crap from Big 5.

- Better protection from a higher quality product.

You can also read my person experience with Grill Guards in our fitting, and our delivered product.

Bony Acai

Many of you may have heard of this product, or of products based from Acai.  I buy this locally from a  good friend of mine, and was impressed enough with it that I wanted to include a review of it here.  The review is a little longer than I wanted to throw into the products page, so I create a separate page for it:

Read my Bony Acai Review here.

Don’t worry, it’s not fan-boy crap about how my dog grew a new leg due to lapping this off the floor or anything.  But this stuff does give me more energy.  I know that Anderson Sylva, Lyoto Machida, and the Nogera brothers all drink this stuff every day… I decided to try it out.  So, if you’re interested, I hope my experience helps you decide.

Several more products to be posted shortly.  Contact Me if your product should be here.